Ticket To Ride Pulls Into Android Station

By Ryan Winslett 3 years ago discussion comments
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If youíre hoping to jump on the Android game train, Iím afraid youíre going to need a Ticket to Ride. Yeah, that was a terrible opener, but at least it comes with the good news that the mobile version of Ticket to Ride is now available on Android devices.

Ticket to Ride is an award-winning tabletop game wherein players draw cards to create trains in order to link various destinations across the country. The more successful trains you build, the more points you get. Thereís also the added bonus of stealing a route an opponent is working on in order to ruin their progress.

The game usually goes for a good 50 bucks in physical form, but the mobile format is just $6.99. And while you wonít have all of those nice physical pieces to move around the table, a digital version of the game means no set up, no clean up, no chance Drunk Jeff is going to bump the board and ruin the game, and thereís always a horde of online opponents ready to take you on.

Originally available for iOS and Steam, the Android version of Days of Wonderís hit game is an iteration of the PC version, including updated graphics, a smoother user interface and more. The Android version comes packed with single and online play for the original USA map, as well as the ability to buy the additional maps and modes for Asia, Europe, Switzerland and USA 1910. Four AI opponents can challenge you at any time, or you can jump on the united online community with players from Android, Mac, iPad, Steam and the Days of Wonder online portal.

The Android version of Ticket to Ride is compatible with most tablets, including the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Tab 2. To grab your copy of the game and start connecting the country with steel and coal, visit the
Google Play Store.
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