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Nowhere really. If you've subscribed to the RSS feed you'll still get the show, same as always. Only difference is that it won't be hosted here on Cinema Blend. They're going solo. Subscribe to the Audio Show's RSS Feed for updates on where they've gone and how you can keep up with them.
CB Staff 2009-05-03
Weekly Blend #180 - Summer Preview 2009 image
We step away from our usual format this week to give you an overview of the movies you'll see in theaters this summer - an especially timely show since "summer" starts as early as the first of May. Hear our opinions on the big movies of the summer - the good, the bad, and the already forgotten. Special Guest: X-Men Origins: Wolverine's Danny Houston.

Show 180 - Summer Preview 2009 - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-04-26
Weekly Blend #179 - The Painful Truth image
State of Play and 17 Again came at an interesting time, coinciding with an identity crisis for Rafe dealing with the debate of jounalism vs. blogs. That crisis and those movies lead to the realization of a painful truth that Rafe reveals on this week's show. Among other things, we also talk about Twittering from the theaters and Zac Efron's hair. Special Guest: Star Trek's Faran Tahir talks about the upcoming movie and dealing with racial profiling in Hollywood roles.

Show 179 - The Painful Truth - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-04-19
Weekly Blend #178 - Don't Judge A Movie By Its Trailer image
Welcome to this week's Easter delayed episode. We hope you had a good holiday. In the latest installment of the show we attempt to clarify what our intentions are (and are not) with the video side of things (and if you don't know what that means, you're probably better off). We talk a little TV, paying tribute to a recently lost actor and character, and Margaret reveals it's all about the trailer if studios want her to see a movie. Don't judge, Margaret. Don't judge.

Show 178 - Don't Judge a Movie By Its Trailer - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-04-14
Weekly Blend #177 - The Video Experiment image
This week marks something new for our show, as we tinker in the realm of video. It's the same show, only available for watching on the site, giving you the opportunity to see our expressions as we talk about movie news, argue about April Fool's pranks, and see just what we do during pre-recorded interviews. Let us know what you think. We want some feedback! (Special Guest: Ron Perlman)

Show 177 - The Video Experience - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-04-05
Weekly Blend Catastrophe image
We've been meddling around in the Angry Cat Production Studios again working on something top secret. Unfortunately, that top secret thing unplugged something important, crossed the streams somewhere else, and caused what we can only call a catastrophic event unlike anything we've seen since our first attempt at a year end wrap up show.
Rafe Telsch 2009-03-29
Weekly Blend #176 - Knowing From Two Different Angles image
This weekend saw the release of three new movies - three new good movies if Rafe's opinion is to be believed. The official Cinema Blend review of Knowing didn't quite see eye to eye with that opinion, so Rafe and Katey discuss their two very different opinions on Nic Cage's most recent sci-fi flick... or is that SyFy? On top of our reviews, we talk about the cable network's name change, Obama's Tonight Show appearance, and the end of Adrienne Shelly's posthumous career. (Guest: Katey Rich)

Show 176 - Knowing From Two Different Angles - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-03-22
Weekly Blend #175 - The One-Man Iron Man Show image
This week we debate the merits of Disney's reboot of their Witch Mountain movies (which completely shuffles both the focus and the meaning of Witch Mountain for the new Race to Witch Mountain), talk with Doug Benson about his documentary Super High Me, try to figure out the decision for a new director for every Twilight movie, and fantasize about an Iron Man sequel starring only Robert Downey Jr. (Special Guest: Doug Benson)

Show 175 - The One-Man Iron Man Show - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-03-15
Weekly Blend #174 - Who Watches The Watchmen? image
We're back after just about everything in the universe kept us from having a show last week (weather, illness, and baby?). We follow up on our Blair Witch Project debate with listener mail, review Watchmen, and return to giving our opinions on entertainment news, including the latest round of remakes which will target some of our childhood favorites.

Show 174 - Who Watches The Watchmen?- Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-03-08
Weekly Blend Snowed Out image
Last week, we promised you we'd be back to regular episodes on our regular schedule this week. So it's Sunday night - where's the Weekly Blend? Unfortunately, this week's episode is currently under a winter weather advisory. We've got snow coming down, making travel to the studio difficult for some of our regulars - oh, and Margaret is sick with a highly contagious illness to add the perfect frosting to the excuse cake.
Rafe Telsch 2009-03-01
Weekly Blend #173 - Oscars Wrap-Up 2009 image
Last week we gave you our picks. This week we look at what actually happened. From the production of the telecast, to the musical numbers, to the winners, we cover it all. What worked? What didn't work? Why? We give you our very varied answers as we tear apart the predictable, yet entertaining Oscar presentations of 2009. (Special Guests: Katey Rich and Zeshan "Sneezy" Khan)

Show 173 - Oscars Wrap-Up 2009 - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-02-23
Weekly Blend #172 - Pre-Oscar Round Up 2009 image
Yee Haw! It's our annual round-up of picks and predictions for Hollywood's biggest night. Will Heath Ledger take home a posthumous Oscar, and does he really deserve it? Is Benjamin Button more about visual effects or acting performances? Does Slumdog Millionaire deserve all the accolades it's receiving? And what movie will take the most debated category of the night - Best Animated Feature? All of our opinions are found within, and join us in a week as we eat crow over our picks and analyze what really happened. (Special Guests: Katey Rich and Zeshan "Sneezy" Khan)

Show 172 - Pre-Oscar Round Up 2009 - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-02-16
Oscar Pre-Show Podcast Airs Tomorrow Night! image
Though the new Audio Show is normally posted on Sunday, this week’s show was just too big to handle and the podcast crew needs an extra day to get things ready. That's the nice way of saying Rafe and Margaret need more time to get Sometimes Tim out of his gimp suit and behind a microphone. He had kind of a wild weekend
The Shark 2009-02-15
Weekly Blend #171 - Danny image
We're back after our week off with our favorites from the Super Bowl advertisements, reviews of Taken, several Oscar nominated movies, a new STD on Battlestar Galactica and more. Don't forget to join us next week for our Annual Pre-Oscar Round-Up (Yee Haw!). By the way: It's been a while since we've gotten feedback listing out our mistakes, so we make sure to throw in a good number in this week's episode, including confusing Clive Owen and Daniel Craig, forgetting Sam Rockwell, and more. It's just one more service we provide for the fans.

Show 171 - Danny - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-02-08
Weekly Blend #170 - It's That Time Again image
It was the big week for awards season, with the Oscar and Razzie nominations coming out. We give you our first reactions to the nominations - what made us happy, what we wish had happened, and how we feel the Academy missed an opportunity for evolution. You'll also hear our reviews of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and Inkheart, and a discussion on the state of the horror genre, and what directors are doing to change it. (Special Guest: Zeshan Khan)

Show 170 - It's That Time Again - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-01-25
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