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Is The Flash Trying To Kill Caitlin Off Soon?

The Flash has seen Danielle Panabaker's Caitlin Snow get into (and out of) some serious scrapes over the course of three and a half seasons, but a new episode synopsis that's been released is giving us a feeling that the (sort of) erstwhile Killer Frost might not be around for much longer.

The Cord Cutter Podcast #23: Mindhunter and Other True Crime Streaming

Welcome to the 23rd edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! Shows and movies that document true crimes have been popular for many years, so it should come as no surprise that many streaming services are home to several ways for you to get your fix of the real crimes that have kept people talking. Join us today while we talk about some of our favorite true crime shows and delve into the Netflix original, Mindhunter!

Why The Blacklist Went With Those Two Big Shocks In The Fall Finale

Well, never one to disappoint, The Blacklist ended its fall run tonight with two major shocks, and now we know why both things had to happen.

Back Review: Sundance Now's New Comedy From Veep Writer Is A Weird Ride That's Worth The Trip

Fans of the comedy duo made up of David Mitchell and Robert Webb will certainly be pleased to see that they have a new show on Sundance Now. And, while the series isn't as unfailingly funny as Peep Show, it's still a wild ride that's worth checking out.

A Christmas Story Live!, An Updated Cast List

Fox is at it again. The network hopped on the live musical bandwagon with Grease: Live in January 2016, and they plan to keep things going with A Christmas Story: Live this December. Casting information for the special is finally starting to trickle in, so look inside to see who we can expect to hit the stage in a few months.

Glenn Close Is Undead And Angry In Amazon's Sea Oak, And It's A Wild Ride

Amazon's pilot season is, once again, upon us, and Glenn Close's potential new show, Sea Oak is a wild ride that definitely deserves a look. And, if you've ever wanted to watch the six time Academy Award nominee in a fit of undead rage, you're in luck.

Grey's Anatomy's Big Callbacks And References From The 300th Episode

Tonight, Grey's Anatomy hit a milestone that not many TV shows do. The series celebrated 300 episodes with a trip down memory lane that any longtime fan should enjoy, and we've got all the Easter eggs and nods to the past for you that the hour had to offer!

Did Star Trek: Discovery Just Spoil Part Of Its Midseason Finale?

There are many secrets to be revealed yet on Star Trek: Discovery, but it looks like some of the unknowns about the show's midseason finale might have been exposed. Read on to find out more!

The Cord Cutter Podcast #22: Star Trek: Discovery

Welcome to the 22nd edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! With the fall finale of Star Trek: Discovery coming up this weekend, now seems like a good time to give our thoughts on the newest entry in the Trek franchise!

Josh Groban Is Going To Play Tony Danza's Son For A New Netflix Show

In a casting move that pretty much no one could have guessed, Tony Award nominee Josh Groban has just signed on to play Tony Danza's son in the new Netflix dramedy The Good Cop.

What Happened When Mark Ruffalo Livestreamed Thor: Ragnarok

It was a little less than a month ago when actor/professional Hulk Mark Ruffalo accidentally streamed part of Thor: Ragnarok to the audience of his Instagram Live. Now, he's finally revealed how he actually made such a mistake.

The Cord Cutter Podcast #21: Stranger Things Season 2

Welcome to the 21st edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! If you're anything like us, you've spent the last few days binging the hell out of Stranger Things Season 2, and now we're very excited because we can finally talk about it!

The Cord Cutter Podcast #20: Netflix In November

Welcome to the twentieth edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! Well, it's that time again folks. Fans of streaming everywhere look forward to the beginning of a new month, as it always means that streaming giant Netflix will be heaping new content upon us throughout the next 30 day period in the form of new movies, TV shows and favorites from days gone by.

Chicago PD Will Celebrate Its 100th Episode With A Big Chicago Fire Crossover

As anyone who watches any of NBC's Chicago shows will know, crossovers between the three shows are quite common. Now, it looks like another major crossover is coming, with Chicago P.D. celebrating its 100th episode by inviting characters from Chicago Fire into the fold once again.

Upcoming SNL Hosts: Who Is Hosting And Musical Guests For Season 43

Saturday Night Live is gearing up for Season 43, and the show is letting us in on who will be hosting and performing on each live episode. Read on to see who you can watch this season!

The Cord Cutter Podcast #19: The Punisher Preview

Welcome to the nineteenth edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! The moment that many Marvel fans have been waiting for since Daredevil Season 2 is almost finally upon us. In just a few weeks, Marvel will unleash the 13-episode freshman season of The Punisher on Netflix. Join us now as we talk about all our hopes for this new entry in the MCU!

The Cord Cutter Podcast #18: Stranger Things Season 2 Preview

Welcome to the eighteenth edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! Well, after over a year of waiting, it's almost finally time for the second season of the Netflix hit Stranger Things. This week, your hosts Mick and Adrienne will be joined, again, by Deputy TV Editor Laura Hurley, to recap Season 1 and go over all our hopes for Season 2.

The Flash: 5 Big Questions We Have About Barry's Time Living In The Speed Force

So, now that Season 4 of The Flash is underway and Barry has finally been freed from the Speed Force, we really have some questions about what living in that weird, extra-dimensional time and space is like.

Dark Matter Could Have Crossed Over With Stargate

Fans were surprised and saddened when Syfy cancelled Dark Matter after three seasons a couple of months ago. This was especially true since the space drama ended on a major cliffhanger, and now we know that the series could have crossed over with another sci-fi franchise: Stargate.

Ocean's Eight: What We Know So Far

Anyone who's been missing the heist-based shenanigans of George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and their team of thieves in the Ocean's Eleven trilogy is surely looking forward to the spinoff coming to theaters next year. Now we've assembled a handy guide to make sure you can stay up to date on all the important info about Ocean's Eight. Read on!

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