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HeroBlend #27: What Will DC Do With Batman And Superman?

Welcome to HeroBlend #27! The DCEU is, reportedly, switching things up and possibly looking to move on from Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman. So, it's time for Adrienne and special guest co-host, ReelBlend's Sean O'Connell, to talk all about what that move could mean for the cinematic universe going forward!

Big Bang Theory Spoilers: How Bob Newhart's Professor Proton Helped Sheldon And Amy's Marriage

Bob Newhart has made yet another appearance on The Big Bang Theory, this time to help Sheldon figure out an issue with his marriage to Amy.

Why Daredevil Doesn't Feature Fun MCU Easter Eggs In Season 3

If you were hoping that Daredevil Season 3 would make some nods to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, we've got bad news for you. But, at least we know why the show will forego the Easter Eggs this season.

The Conners Premiere: How The Show Handled Roseanne's Absence

ABC just debuted The Conners, so we finally know how the Roseanne spinoff has handled the former lead's absence. As it turns out, the answer was a lot deeper than we expected.

5 Ways The Charmed Reboot Is A Lot Like The Original

Well, now that the Charmed reboot has finally aired on The CW and fans have decided whether they're happy with it or not, we can go over the biggest ways that the new show is actually a lot like the original.

HeroBlend #26: Why James Gunn Is Great For Suicide Squad 2 And Ryan Coogler Back For Black Panther 2

Welcome to HeroBlend #26! This week has brought us some big news in the world of superhero movies, so Eric and Adrienne are ready to give all the details to you. Get ready for deep discussions on James Gunn's potential move to the DCEU, our hosts reactions to Venom and the word on the latest trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass!

The Big Bang Theory Spoilers: Why Sheldon Has Never Talked About His Childhood Friend Tam

When Young Sheldon began last year, many fans were surprised to find out that Sheldon Cooper actually had a best friend when he was a kid, because he never spoke about Tam to any of his adult friends on The Big Bang Theory. Well, we just found out why that is, and the reason is pure Sheldon.

Why NCIS' Leon Vance Isn't Quite Safe Yet

Every NCIS fan breathed a sigh of relief when Leon Vance was rescued from his captors in the Season 16 premiere, but now it's pretty clear that he's not totally safe yet.

Upcoming SNL Hosts: Who Is Hosting And Musical Guests For Season 44

Well, Chevy Chase might not be happy with Saturday Night Live anymore, but the show still has tons of fans who eagerly await news of who will be hosting the show and appearing as musical guest on a weekly basis. And, we've got that for you, inside!

HeroBlend #25: Venom Reaction

Welcome to HeroBlend #25! Today, Eric and Adrienne welcome special a guest, ReelBlend co-host/CinemaBlend Managing Editor and all around Spider-Man fanatic, Sean O'Connell to the show. Sean has seen Venom, and he's here to answer all our questions and give us all the spoilery details about the long-anticipated film that we can handle!

Krypton's New Villain Lobo Looks Ready To Tour With Rob Zombie In First Image

Krypton just released the first look at their version of alien bounty hunter Lobo, and while it's pretty true to what those who've seen the character in comics and cartoons are used to, he's also got a hard rock vibe that should really help shake up the show.

How NBC's Chicago Crossover Put Several Major Characters Through The Wringer

The major crossover this season between Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. didn't disappoint when it came to drama and outright tragedy. Here's how the three shows managed to put some major characters through the wringer.

How Chicago Fire Decided To Write Off Connie After DuShon Monique Brown’s Death

The Season 7 premiere of Chicago Fire featured a touching tribute to deceased cast member DuShon Monique Brown that helped everyone say goodbye to her character, Connie. Now we know why the show wrapped up Connie's story the way it did.

NBC's Chicago Crossover Will Put Some Characters Through A Family Crisis

Fans of Dick Wolf's Chicago shows have a big night ahead of them this Wednesday, as the big, three-show crossover is going down early in the new season. And, while we already knew that a big fire will play into this crossover, now we also know that some beloved characters will be going through quite a family crises when the drama picks up.

How Chicago P.D.'s Voight Is Dealing With Olinsky's Death In Season 6

Fans who caught the Season 6 premiere of Chicago P.D. will know that all of Intelligence is struggling to deal with the loss of Alvin Olinsky after his murder. But, how is one of Olinsky's oldest friends, Hank Voight, actually dealing with it? Now we know.

Why Chicago Fire Wrapped Up Monica Raymund's Story The Way That It Did

Anyone who's seen the Season 7 premiere of Chicago Fire knows that we got a resolution to the relationship cliffhanger we were treated to in last season's finale. But, why did the show decide to wrap things up the way it did? Well, now we know.

HeroBlend #24: Dark Phoenix Trailer Surprises, Aquaman Footage Spoilers And Big Birds Of Prey Updates

Welcome to HeroBlend #24! This week we've got some big reveals to discuss with you, so Eric and Adrienne are going to get into their thoughts on the first X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer, Eric's thoughts on the new Aquaman footage he got a chance to see, and all the cool details that were just released about DC's Birds of Prey movie!

The Cord Cutter Podcast #52: Netflix In October

Welcome to The Cord Cutter Podcast #52! October is coming up fast and furious, and Mick, Adrienne and Jeff are ready to let you know about all the cool stuff coming to Netflix for the month!

Why Chicago P.D. Decided To Start Season 6 Where It Did

Chicago P.D. delivered a huge blow to fans last season when a major character was killed off in a very dramatic fashion. Well, the Season 6 premiere picked the action up in an intriguing spot, and now we know why.

How Chicago Fire Actually Wrapped Up Monica Raymund's Story

Chicago Fire gave fans quite the cliffhanger last season when long-time couple Gabby and Matt faced a breaking point in their relationship that led to a separation. Now, we finally know how Gabby, and her portrayer Monica Raymund have had their storyline wrapped up.

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