Paramount+ Is Offering A 30 Day Free Trial (But You Have To Act Quickly)

Patrick Stewart as Picard in Star Trek: Picard
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Paramount+ stands out from the pack of streaming services thanks to original offerings like 1883 as the first Yellowstone spinoff, The Offer as a dramatization of the production of The Godfather, and a growing library of new Star Trek series. Throw in series like Evil and SEAL Team that have migrated over from CBS and projects that are still in the works like the Criminal Minds revival, more Yellowstone spinoffs (with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren joining that TV universe), and all the past seasons of TV shows available, and there's a lot to watch. Now, viewers who haven’t checked out Paramount+ just yet have the opportunity for a 30-day free trial… if you act quickly. 

Starting on June 10, Paramount+ is running a summer sale that offers an extended free trial of one month for all new users. Free trials aren’t unusual for this streamer, but the typical offer is for just seven days. That said, there’s a limited time for Paramount+ newcomers to take advantage of the deal, as the offer lasts only until June 20. The free 30 days is valid only for new customers, but it’s a pretty great way to give viewers a taste of all the programming available. 

A subscription to Paramount+ is less pricey than some of its streaming competitors as well, including Netflix with its semi-regular price hikes. The “Essential” subscription costs $4.99/month and offers access to all the originals, a vast library of existing series, NFL on CBS live, and more with limited ads. The “Premium” subscription is $9.99/month, and includes all the perks of the “Essential” package, with the bonuses of no ads (aside from live TV and a few exceptions) and downloading shows to watch later. Subscribers are able to cancel or change their plans anytime. 

While Paramount+ as the home of new Star Trek series, the first Yellowstone spinoff (although Yellowstone itself is still streaming over on Peacock), and many more originals is a big part of its appeal, it’s worth noting just how many existing shows are available for your binge-watching pleasure as well. 

On the CBS front alone, fans can find all three FBI shows, all four NCIS shows (including the cancelled NCIS: New Orleans), the full run of Criminal Minds ahead of the streaming revival with original cast members, plus comedies like Ghosts and Young Sheldon. (The Big Bang Theory is streaming with an HBO Max subscription.) And those are just some of many!

On the movie front, streamers can find new films like The Lost City and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 as well as classics like Top Gun (worth watching while sequel Top Gun: Maverick is still flying high in theaters) and all four Indiana Jones installments, ahead of the fifth that is on the way with Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role yet again.

Subscribers have plenty of options to pass the time, and the 30-day free trial makes now the ideal time for newcomers to give the streaming service a try. Just be sure to give it a try between June 10 and June 20, because the deal won’t last forever! Check out the Paramount+ page to sign up and get your free trial before time is up.

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