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The Weekly Blend Audio Show Podcast

Weekly Blend Audio Show: December 18th, 2005
We may be pushing the boundaries of studio's good will this week, but news is news. We talk about Kong's long running time, Miami Vice's lack of proper music, and how New Line is treating online critics. I suppose they'll be the first in line for the computer that predicts the success of movies (also a subject of discussion). Mery Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Show 24: Direct Download (33:06 min 15.1 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: December 13th, 2005
As testament to just how busy things are, this show was actually recorded on time. We just forgot to upload it. *sigh* Thankfully it's all still pertinent to this week's releases as Margaret and I talk about King Kong, Chronicles of Narnia, some of the more interesting trailers to hit lately, and some of our favorite holiday movies.

Show 23: Direct Download (32:26 min 14.8 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: November 27th, 2005
Thanksgiving sort of slowed things down newswise, so I talk a little about the extra Thanksgiving turkey (movies) I had over the weekend. Margaret and I discuss updates on most of the action sequels in Hollywood, and I give my reasons why not everybody loves Raymond.

Show 22: Direct Download (31:35 min 14.4 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: November 20th, 2005
Tim sits this week out, but that doesn't stop Margaret and me from having fun without him. In celebration of the upcoming DVD release of War of the Worlds, Margaret's husband Brian joins us instead. Brian served as an extra in the film and talks about his experience running up a hill a dozen or so times. We also discuss the lousy week of movies, Harry Potter's complete domination at the box office, and mourn the loss of "Arrested Development". Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Show 21: Direct Download (32:55 min 15.07 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: November 13th, 2005
We're back after our last weekly show was defeated by technical issues. Fan favorite Margaret Williams returns to make smart-aleck comments while Tim and I discuss Chicken Little's continued domination of the box office, the Predator remake that seems to be more rumor then fact, and the latest Halo movie news.

Show 20: Direct Download (33:07 min 15.17 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: October 31st, 2005
Halloween means lots of goodies, and the new Weekly Blend is no different. We get a treat with the first female to join the podcast, lots of tricks regarding sequels and remakes, and yes, another chapter in the interaction with the Movie Blog. Special thanks to the great Luke Ski for allowing us to use "Vader Boy" his Episode III themed parody in celebration of the last chapter's DVD release. Head over to and check out the album unCONVENTIONal or to help Luke out in return.

Show 19: Direct Download (37:10 min 17.02 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: October 23rd, 2005
A super-sized episode this week as I introduce a person who will hopefully become a regular on the show, Tim Kennard. Tim and I talk about the regular stuff: what's coming out on DVD and in theaters in the next week, look at Batman and Bond news, and chat about some recent trailers for upcoming films.

Show 18: Direct Download (27:00 min 12.3 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: October 9th, 2005
Serenity continues to plummet rapidly at the box office, while Orlando Bloom has a solid week with the DVD release of Kingdom of Heaven and the theatrical Elizabethtown. Place your bets as to who gets the Cameron Crowe catchphrase of this flick, or whether the Peter Jackson produced Halo movie will have a hero in a helmet.

Show 17: Direct Download (13:08 min 6.01 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: October 6th, 2005
Time to talk about Serenity's opening weekend dismal showing and announce the winners to our Serenity/Firefly giveaway. In other news, did ya hear who the villains for Spider-Man 3 were going to be according to Kirsten Dunst? Did you hear one of them was going to wear purple? How horrible!

Show 16: Direct Download (10:48 min 9.89 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: September 20th, 2005
We're back following a harsh bout with "dragoncrud". Thanks to everyone who expressed their concern at the lack of a show since I left Atlanta. This week we catch up on news that's happened over the last few weeks, geek out over some good DVD releases, and I start an exclusive Audio Blend contest. Sorry - have to listen to get the details.

Show 15: Direct Download (14:42 min 6.73 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: August 23rd, 2005
I take back all the nice things I've ever said about Halle Berry this week, as she starts a hostile takeover of the X-Men franchise. Well, it's not exactly a hostile takeover, I mean they're pretty much giving her what she wants, but an Oscar does not mean she should always get her way. Just look at Cuba Gooding Jr. and what he's done since he got his statue.

Show 14: Direct Download (9:37 min 9.24 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: August 10th, 2005
We hit lucky number 13 with this week's podcast, which pretty much sums up how we're doing. Another failed attempt at having a guest on the show means I ended up recording this week's episode twice. Still, not even that is enough to get my spirits down the week that muppets and more muppets are coming out on DVD.

Show 13: Direct Download (10:13 min 9.36 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: August 1st, 2005
This week I make it through my anger to talk about the possibility that there really is a turn downwards in this year's box office, but also in this year's DVD market. How come we're in August and still haven't seen any really great releases in 2005? I also talk about the recent surge of new movie trailers (although careful not to step on the Trailer Trash namesake).

Show 12: Direct Download (9:26 min 8.64 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: July 25th, 2005
We're back! Yes we had a two week hiatus, which I explain within this episode. I do my best to catch up with my opinion on the last few weeks in theaters, what's coming out this week, and even catch a few news stories. Also included: our tribute to James Doohan.

Show 11: Direct Download (14:50 min 13.5 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: July 5th, 2005
Just a brief show this week as I discuss my problems with War of the Worlds, Hide and Seek, and many other films that have come out this year (hint: they all have the same problem). Don't forget to vote for us at podcastalley and check back when we have a bigger show next week (with a possible guest!)

Show 10: Direct Download (7:05 min 6.8 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: June 27th, 2005
Catching up from last week's absence, most of the podcast is focused on what Batman Begins needs for a better sequel, and the upcoming War of the Worlds. Oh, and that odd relationship that combines the two movies, scientology, and the biggest case of overexposure since Ben Affleck.

Show 9: Direct Download (12:10 min 11.1 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: June 14th, 2005
We're running a day late again this week, not because of a holiday but because I wanted to take the chance to see Batman Begins. What can I say - it's awesome. Listen this week as I gush about the new appearance of the Dark Knight, why this film might not have been made, and then go on some more about how incredibly awesome the movie is.

Show 8: Direct Download (10:11 min 9.33 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: June 6th, 2005
All the new X-Men news (Vaughn out, Ratner in) has pretty much dominated my attention, so it takes center stage this week for the podcast. Listen in while I rant about the dangers of studio interference and try and spell out the secret to the first two X-Men movie's success (as well as the upcoming Superman film). As if that isn't enough, I take one more dig at the upcoming Fantastic Four.

Show 7: Direct Download (10:59 min 10.0 MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: May 31st, 2005
Don't ask me what funky kind of counting system I use to get that this week's episode is the fifth edition. Just blame it on the extended weekend, which is also responsible for the lateness of this week's edition. While we're at it, let's blame the holiday for any inferior quality this week too, while I talk about the continued success of Star Wars and the greatness of Cinderella Man

Show 6: Direct Download (9:56min 9.10MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: May 23rd, 2005
Due to technical difficulties (read: new software) there may not be soundbytes of Dave Chappelle shouting signature phrases, but that doesn't stop us from talking a little bit about his absence. We also give the upcoming Fantastic Four film a proper salute, and discuss the poor success of a little movie called Star Wars: Episode III.

Show 5: Direct Download (10:06min 9.25MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: May 16th, 2005
With Star Wars finally being released this week there's not a ton of other things to talk about. Celebrate the film that inspired most of us to love movies this week, as well as the renewal of Arrested Development and the upcoming Muppet Wizard of Oz.

Show 4: Direct Download (10:36min 9.71MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: May 9th, 2005
The show gets a little geeky this week as I talk about the over-saturation of Star Wars merchandise. We also look at what's coming out this week (yay Quantum Leap!) despite the fact that my recent trip to New Jersey has left me pretty clueless about entertainment news..

Show 3: Direct Download (10:54min 9.98MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: May 2nd, 2005
Wouldn't you know it? One week in and I have to come down with something that makes my voice sound bland and tired. Still, the show must go on and this week we talk about how Hitchhiker's Guide did at the box office, Phantom of the Opera on DVD, and make apologies to our scottish brothers.

Show 2: Direct Download (9:35min 8.78MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: April 25, 2005
Our first real edition celebrates the upcoming Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy along with my not so amused takes on xXx: State of the Union and Blade: Trinity. Geek out to some Superman and X-men news, and celebrate the return of "The Family Guy". Don't forget your towel!

Show 1: Direct Download (8:59min 8.23MB)

Weekly Blend Audio Show: April 18, 2005
The preview edition! Heard only as a Cinema Blend Newsletter exclusive. Not available for download.

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