Call Of Duty WWII Live-Action Trailers Get The Gang Back Together
A New Pokemon Is Available At Build-a-Bear

Yet another Pokemon fan favorite has been added to the Build-a-Bear roster, giving folks in desperate need of cuddling a chance to curl up with a fiery plush companion.

When DOOM Will Hit The Nintendo Switch

Probably the biggest surprise from the September Nintendo Direct was the fact that DOOM is coming to the Switch. Now, thanks to the latest announcement from id Software, we know exactly when Nintendo's latest console will be heading to hell.

See Chris Redfield's Return In New Resident Evil 7 DLC Trailer

Chris Redfield is primed to square off against the undead once again with an upcoming appearance in Resident Evil 7. He'll be the focus of at least one of the next DLC chapters for the game, revealed in the latest trailer called TAPE-02 'Redfield'.

Tekken 7 Doesn't Have Tutorials Because Nobody Cares About Tutorials

A lot of games have mandatory tutorials these days. It's especially endemic to the triple-A blockbusters, where the first couple of levels teach you how to play the game in a hand-holding fashion. Well, for Tekken 7 Bandai Namco went in the complete opposite direction because the producer says nobody really plays them.

CD Projekt Red Defends Itself Against Claims Of Low Employee Morale

Polish development studio CD Projekt Red -- famous for having developed and turned The Witcher video gmae series into a worldwide phenomenon -- has been coming under fire lately for scrutiny over employee practices and morale. Well, the company decided to finally address those issues with a public statement.

Third Gen Pokemon May Be Coming To Pokemon Go

Whenever the topic of Pokemon Go pops up the conversation has shifted from ludicrous things like finding dead bodies in riverbanks or people running into cop cars while they're too busy playing the game. Now, gamers are focused on a far more important topic that has canvassed the conversation regarding Niantic Labs' mobile app: third generation Pokemon.

What You Need To Play Destiny 2 On PC

The PC release of Destiny 2 is fast approaching for those of you who have the client. After launching last month in September for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Bungie is gearing up for release on PC by unleashing the specification details on what you'll need in order to run the game properly.

Call Of Duty WWII Live-Action Trailers Get The Gang Back Together

With the release of Call of Duty: WWII drawing ever so near, Activision and Sledgehammer Games have been ramping up the promotion of the title by unleashing brand new trailers for the game. The latest trailer highlights some live-action fun as it encourages gamers to get the old gang back together for some high-octane FPS fun.

The 8 New Games Coming To Nintendo Switch's EShop

The Nintendo Switch may not be receiving a whole bunch of triple-A action titles these days, but the hybrid gaming device has been on the receiving end of a lot of different and unique indie and mid-budget titles, including eight new games that just recently arrived on the Nintendo Switch's eShop.

Humble Bundle Has Been Acquired By IGN

After seven years of raising money for charity, Humble Bundle has officially been acquired by IGN. This actually sounds like a great deal for Humble Bundle, as IGN does not plan to meddle in the day to day operations in the company. Instead, it looks like they're gunning to simply provide more support in order to raise even more money for charity.

Former Employee Claims He Was Sexually Harassed At Naughty Dog

This weekend, a former Naughty Dog employee took to Twitter with accusations that he had been sexually harassed by a project lead while working with the studio. A day later, Naughty Dog has posted a response refuting the claims.

Splatoon 2's Halloween Event Is Over, Here's Who Won

Nintendo promised that there would be a Halloween event for Splatoon 2, and the company stuck to its guns. Over the weekend gamers were able to participate in a showdown between two spooky monsters: Werewolves and Vampires. Well, the event is now officially over and here are the results.

Oculus Is Coming Out With A Much Less Expensive Headset

If the whole VR craze has you interested in the tech but you just can't get over the steep price, there's a new Oculus headset on the way that's a lot smaller, reduces the cable-cord overhead, and also costs just a fraction of what the bigger PC version costs.

New Miitomo Items Are Available In The Shop

One of the games we haven't heard much about from Nintendo is the mobile title Miitomo. The title kind of slithered out onto the market and then faded away from the news feeds for a while. Well, Nintendo is putting the game back into the spotlight thanks to the fact that it's been updated with new items that are now available in the shop.

Fear Effect's RTS Game Will Get A Nintendo Switch Release

We haven't had a new Fear Effect game in 16 years. Well, Sushee and the Square Enix Collective are changing that by bringing the game series back with Fear Effect Sedna.

When The Next Episode Of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Is Coming

Deck Nine's take on Dontnod's Life Is Strange series continues with the second episode of the prequel trilogy for home consoles and PC. The developers recently laid out when gamers can expect to get their hands on Episode 2 of Life is Strange: Before The Storm, and it's coming a lot sooner than you think.

Here's What's In The South Park: Fractured But Whole Season Pass

Ubisoft's South Park: Fractured But Whole is finally set to launch on home consoles and PC after gamers have been waiting years for it to release. Ahead of the release of the game Ubisoft decided to detail what gamers will be able to look forward to if they decide to purchase the season pass for the crude and rude comedic RPG.

Everything New In Danger Zone For The Xbox One

Three Fields Entertainment's Unreal Engine-powered race-and-crash destruction game, Danger Zone, recently received an update for the Xbox One and preemptive enhancements set to be made available for the Xbox One X version of the game.

Why Loot Boxes Aren't Gambling, According To The ESRB

One of the hot button topics of today involves loot boxes. Publishers love them; gamers are starting to hate them. The core community has been calling to have loot boxes in triple-A games labeled as gambling, and has been pressuring ratings boards to comment on the matter. Well, the ESRB issued a statement when asked.

Pixar's First VR Experience Explores The Land Of The Dead

You would think that Pixar's very first foray into the realm of VR would be something bright, cheery, whimsical and airy... right? Well, Pixar decided to take a completely different route with its new VR project for the Oculus Rift called Coco VR.

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