Fortnite: Everything In The Season 5 Battle Pass
Monster Hunter World Gets Moogles And More In Final Fantasy Themed Behemoth Update

Capcom decided to take the cross-branded promotional efforts a step further by teaming up with a fellow Japanese publisher, Square Enix. The two Japanese publishing giants have revealed the joint effort of featuring Moogles and other iconic gear from the Final Fantasy franchise.

World Of Warcraft Pre-Battle For Azeroth Patch Coming July 17, Here's What It Does

Ahead of the release of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, there's going to be a patch that helps set up the MMO for the next major expansion pack.

Former Visceral Director Reveals What Dead Space 4 Could Have Been

According to the former creative director at Visceral Games, there was already an outline about what the now defunct game studio was thinking about doing with the third-person survival-horror game if ever an opportunity was presented to take the next step and bridge the events of Dead Space 3 into a potential Dead Space 4.

Knights Of The Old Republic Characters Are Joining Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes

The mobile title has been receiving a ton of fan-favorites throughout its run on the market so far, and EA is now diving into BioWare's old stash of Star Wars properties to bring some of the heroes from Knights of the Old Republic to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Splatoon 2 Has A Cheating Problem

Nintendo usually prides itself on having a highly secure platform that prevents nefarious antics from disrupting their multiplayer ecosystems. Of course, no matter how hard you try to prevent people from cheating in games they'll still find ways.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Will Have Two Betas

Treyarch wants to make sure that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches without a hitch given how much of the core game relies on multiplayer, so it will have two beta tests instead of a single multiplayer beta test for home consoles and PC.

5 Game Franchises We Still Can't Believe Added Multiplayer

Today, it seems that every game franchise under the sun needs to create a specific time of multiplayer mode, the Battle Royale mode. However, there was a time when simply having multiplayer of some kind was viewed as a necessity.

Code Vein Is The Latest Title Delayed Into 2019

Gamers who have been desperately looking forward to Code Vein will probably be disappointed to find that the game's original release window, set for this fall on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, has been pushed back all the way into 2019.

Wasteland 2 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Over the years inXile has been fine-tuning the game and working on improving its playability until it was eventually ported over to home consoles. The latest console to receive the game is the Nintendo Switch, which will enable gamers to play Wasteland 2 at home or on the go.

Fortnite Has Made So Much Money For Epic Games, They're Giving It To Other Developers

The Fortnite creator is actually racking up tons of revenue from the game and instead of just sitting on it like Scrooge McDuck, the company is giving away some of its earnings to help out other up-and-coming developers.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Will Give Ellie An NPC Partner

While The Last of Us focused almost exclusively on the story of Joel and Ellie, the sequel looks to add a host of new characters to the post-apocalyptic world. As it turns out, some of them might even be joining Ellie on her quest for vengeance.

Fortnite: Everything In The Season 5 Battle Pass

Fortnite's fifth season kicked off this morning, bringing a metric ton of changes and additions to the leading battle royale game. This includes 100 fresh tiers of content to work through in the game's Battle Pass.

The Walking Dead: Our World Brings Zombies To Your Neighborhood Today

If you've ever wanted to fight your way through the zombie apocalypse without having to worry about actual zombies, The Walking Dead: Our World might be just the ticket. And it's available today!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Will Let You Duel With Other Players

Now that Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players have had a chance to learn multiple offensive and defensive spells within the game, Jam City has decided to up the ante with the introduction of a Dueling Club.

CD Projekt Red Is Planning More Witcher Games, Just Not Witcher 4

According to CD Projekt Red The Witcher can still go strong even if Geralt isn't the lead character, and it's very possible that the Polish developers could still make a new game in the series... it just wouldn't be The Witcher 4.

WWE 2K19 Won't Release On The Nintendo Switch

If you were looking forward to another round of wrastlin' on the Nintendo Switch, we've got some bad news for you. According to a recent announcement from the publisher, the WWE 2K series has tapped out on the platform after just a single bout.

When Fornite Servers Will Go Down To Prepare For Season 5

Before new content can be rolled out the developers have to take the servers down to perform maintenance and ensure that the new content is installed properly, so Epic revealed the date and time when the servers would go down for Fortnite to include the Season 5 content.

The Overwatch League Is Heading To TV Starting Tonight

The Overwatch League experiment got underway at the start of this year via livestreams, but now Blizzard has taken things to the next level by broadcasting the League's playoffs on broadcast television, starting tonight.

Emperor Palpatine Has Been Pulled From Star Wars Battlefront 2

When Emperor Palpatine told Luke Skywalker, "you don't know the power of the dark side," it turns out even the leader of the Empire was not fully aware of those limits.

Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars DLC Is Coming This Month

Ubisoft recently revealed the next piece of DLC, which is set in outer space and features an over-the-top adventure called Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars.

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