The Game Awards Winners: Check Out The Complete List
Sea Of Thieves Has A Release Date And A New Trailer

Sea of Thieves is nearly ready to set sail on Xbox One and PC, with an official launch date announced via a new trailer. Get ready to hoist the anchor in early 2018.

Job Simulator Dev's Next Game Is Vacation Simulator, Of Course

Owlchemy Labs is obviously working on a new game following on the success of Job Simulator for VR HMDs like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. However, when a company focuses on VR simulators, it should come as no surprise that its next game is called Vacation Simulator.

From Software's Next Game Is A Mystery, But It Looks Bloody

We all know that From Software is working on something new; working on something big; working on something that will blow our minds away. We also know that whatever it is From Software is working on isn't Dark Souls. So what could it be? Well, the next game is a mystery, but it looks bloody.

World War Z Is The Next Co-op Zombie Shooter

Saber Interactive and Paramount Pictures made a pretty big announcement during The Game Awards 2017, revealing that there's a co-op, third-person shooter in the works for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2018. The trailer reveals what the environments will be like and where players will travel, along with a small hint at what the frantic gameplay will be like.

In The Valley Of Gods Is The next Game From The Developers Of Firewatch

Campo Santo made waves in the gaming industry back in 2016 with the outing of Firewatch. The story-oriented, adventure walking sim was a different take on the genre, infusing a bit of platforming, discovery, and interactivity with a heavy narrative. Well, Campo Santo hasrevealed In The Valley of Gods, its next title.

Nintendo Announced Bayonetta 3 For The Switch, But That's Not All

The Game Awards was a big night for Switch fans, with plenty of games on Nintendo's new console earning hardware and even a couple of new games getting announced. Bayonetta 3 was finally revealed, for instance, as well as a little something-something for newcomers to the series.

The Game Awards Forgot To Hand Out One Of Their Categories

Amidst all of the pomp and circumstance of this past week's Game Awards, it turns out the winner of one category was never officially named.

SoulCalibur 6 Is Coming In 2018

Bandai Namco made a huge announcement during The Game Awards 2017 when Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada stepped on stage and co-announced that SoulCalibur 6 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One at some point in 2018. The announcement was accompanied by a brand new trailer, too.

A Way Out Developer Josef Fares Goes Off At The Game Awards, And It's Sort Of Beautiful

One of the most bizarre, exciting and off-the-cuff moments from The Game Awards 2017 was Josef Fares from Hazelight Studios going on a sort-of-beautiful rant while talking to Geoff Keighley before unveiling a new trailer for the co-op story game, A Way Out.

The New Death Stranding Trailer Makes As Much Sense As You'd Think

Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus and Guillermo Del Toro all made appearances last night at The Game Awards 2017. Gamers suspected that a new trailer would drop given that the two directors and actor was showing up at the event, and gamers weren't wrong. In fact, the new trailer for Death Stranding clocked in at nearly 10 minutes and made about as much sense as you'd think.

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - The Champions' Ballad Is Now Available

We knew that the Champions' Ballad DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was due out this month, but Nintendo never really narrowed in on a specific launch date. That all changed during The Game Awards last night, when it was revealed that the content would be made available that very evening.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Is Getting A Free Two-Player Mode

Ubisoft is still updating Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch. The turn-based, RPG exclusive for Nintendo's console recently received a new two-player mode for everyone who already owns the game. The best part about it is that it's free!

How Destiny 2's New DLC Is Locking Out Game Content For Players Who Didn't Buy It

It seems like one controversy after another seems to be plaguing the community of Destiny 2. The game just came off the highly controversial XP scaling scandal, and now some gamers have encountered an issue where the DLC is locking them out of content they already owned.

The Game Awards Winners: Check Out The Complete List

The Game Awards aired last night and, along with a whole bunch of new trailers, announcements and commercials for eBay, they handed out a nice collection of awards including the coveted Game of the Year trophy. We've got the rundown on all of the evening's winners.

Square Enix Confirms A New Tomb Raider Game Is On The Way

Square Enix has confirmed that a new Tomb Raider game is on the way, following months of speculation and plenty of rumors about the possibility of a new game being in development. The company confirmed the news via a message in a tweet, confirming that Lara Croft will return in a new game in 2018.

New Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer Has Us Totally Pumped...To Watch The Last Jedi

A game's DLC trailer usually gets us excited to continue playing that game. When it comes to the DLC trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II, though, it instead does a good job of getting us ready to check out The Last Jedi in theaters next week.

Far Cry 5 And Two Other Titles Have Been Delayed By Ubisoft

With the new year just over the horizon, many are already looking to 2018 for their next big gaming fix. If you were anticipating Ubisoft games like Far Cry 5, however, you're going to need to wait a little longer than expected to finally get your hands on them.

Woman Gets So Lost In Watching VR She Mistakenly Starts Stroking Dog's Butt

Whether you're playing a scary game or watching a frightening video, the intensity gets kicked up a few notches when you're experiencing those chills in virtual reality. Heck, you might even smooch a dog's butt in confusion. We have video proof.

From Software Teases A Future For The Armored Core Series

From Software has been around for a long time. The company managed to get its feet grounded in the gaming industry with its first big outing in the form of the PlayStation exclusive, Armored Core. The third-person mech shooter hasn't been seen in recent times, but that could all change after From Software teased a future for the Armored Core series.

Why Pokemon Go's Map Now Looks Different

Niantic Labs may have announced a number of new projects that it plans to roll out throughout 2018, but that doesn't mean that the development studio has given up on the bread and butter that put it on the map. In fact, Pokemon Go's map was recently updated and it's been explained why it now looks so different.

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