No, Burnout Paradise Remastered Is Not Adding Microtransactions
Soul Calibur 6 Confirms Two More Characters

Bandai Namco has been slowly rolling out new info for Soul Calibur 6, giving gamers a small taste of the characters you can play in the game. Two more characters have been revealed, including a long time fan favorite who has captured the hearts and hands of gamers the world around since debuting many years ago.

EA Play Is Back For 2018

Hosting EA Play ahead of E3 2017 apparently worked out nicely because the publisher has announced that a repeat event is happening once again this year, though with a few noted changes.

Rock Band 4 Just Dropped A Major Update, Here's What It Does

Harmonix is still updating the music-rhythm experience provided in Rock Band 4 for the home consoles. The latest update adds some major new changes that have rolled out for gamers still putting in some time and play sessions with the title.

You Can Play As Half-Life's Gordon Freeman In Final Fantasy XV On PC

That is probably the last headline you ever thought you would read when it comes to Half-Life and the series' hero, Gordon Freeman. In fact, most people assumed that the next time we would hear about the silent scientist would be something Half-Life 3 related. Well, it turns out his next big commercial outing will be in Final Fantasy XV.

Fortnite Season 3 Is Here

Fortnite: Battle Royale has officially kicked off its third season, meaning players can expect to unlock a whole bunch of fresh in-game loot by playing oodles of matches over the next couple of months. As for this season's theme, Epic is taking players to outer space.

Super Mario Odyssey's First DLC Is Now Available

Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch receives a major update this week including new duds for the titular hero, new features and, most importantly, the actual acknowledgement that Luigi even exists.

Nintendo's Eshop Is Under Fire In Europe

When it comes to the all-digital future, there are still a lot of questions, loop holes, and various mechanisms that haven't been fully clarified to the general public, like an aspect of Nintendo's eShop, which recently came under fire from a European consumer advocacy institution.

Doom For Nintendo Switch Now Has Motion Controls

Bethesda's Doom for the Nintendo Switch launched with fairly positive reactions despite some of the technical drawbacks and performance issues. Well, to help compensate, the developers decided to issue an update that adds motion control mechanics to the game, so you can play in an entirely different way.

Now You Can Earn In Game Items For Watching The Overwatch League

What's better than watching your favorite game? How about earning free stuff in the game just for watching it? That seems to be the gist behind a new initiative from Blizzard that will help to lure in gamers to watch the Overwatch League on streaming services.

When PUBG Will Get A New Map

News has been slim concerning future updates for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but it looks like the team is finally gearing up to break that silence. They've got some new features on the way for 2018, as well as the usual dose of tweaks and fixes. Oh, and it's probably worth noting that a new map is also in development.

No, Burnout Paradise Remastered Is Not Adding Microtransactions

With Burnout Paradise Remastered set for a March 16 launch, EA has announced that the popular racing game has been revitalized to look and sound great on modern consoles. But, according to a recent update, one modern flare that will be missing from the game is microtransactions.

PSVR Is Now Even Cheaper, For A Limited Time

If you're still debating jumping into the VR market, Sony recently offered the sweetest deal to date. They've knocked a hundred bucks off of the price of a core bundle, as well as discounts on bundles featuring games like DOOM VFR and Skyrim VR.

More Batmobiles, Other DC Heroes, Are Coming To Rocket League

Psyonix has yet to cease to amaze the gaming audience with the way the company updates and keeps new content rolling into Rocket League, the multiplayer action-sports title for PC and home consoles. The latest update will bring additional Batmobiles to the game, along with some more content based on DC heroes.

Twitch Prime Is Giving Away An Indie Game Free Of Charge

Twitch Prime's Indie Amplifier promotion is putting eight indie games in the spotlight for the next couple of weeks and, following a vote from the community, all Prime members will be granted a free copy of one of the titles.

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Chimera Is Now Available On The Test Server

Ubisoft has announced that the test server for Rainbow Six: Siege has added Operation Chimera to the fold, giving gamers an opportunity to play-test the upcoming content from now up until March 2nd, exclusively for PC gamers.

What's Going On With Nintendo's Theme Park At Universal Studios?

It looks like plans for the Super Mario World Universal Studios attraction might be changing, with the latest rumors shifting the main destination to a new location.

Burnout Paradise Is Getting Remastered, And It's A Thing Of Beauty

It's been a while since Burnout Paradise held the crown for the best racing game on the block but, come March 16, the king returns to reclaim the throne. Get ready for Burnout Paradise Remastered.

Flight Sim Developer Apologizes For Using Malware To Fight Piracy

Developer Flight Sim Labs, the makers of various types of DLC and aircraft for Microsoft's Flight Simulator series of games, recently came under fire from its own community for taking measures to combat piracy by injecting malware into the software to weed out the personal info of pirates. However, after getting caught, the studio head decided to apologize for the decision.

Xbox's Games With Gold Lineup For March Is Super Hot

February has shot past in the blink of an eye with March looming just around the corner. For folks who subscribe to Xbox Live's premium service, that means there's a whole new roster of Games with Gold to get excited for.

When The Mega Man Legacy Collections Will Arrive On Nintendo Switch

While the Nintendo Switch eShop is still a no-show a full year into the console's life cycle, at least fans will soon be able to get in some classic Mega Man action via a pair of Legacy Collections.

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