Battlefield 5 Won't Have A Season Pass
Steam Link Now Available For Android, But Not Apple Devices

The Steam Link is now available for Android devices, but if you were hoping to get your hands on the app for iOS smartphones and tablets, you're fresh out of luck.

Battlefield V Will Still Offer In-Game Currency And Microtransactions

During the reveal of Battlefield V during the media event hosted by Trevor Noah, it was made clear that Battlefield V was not going to have randomized loot boxes, a monetary system that's widely derided by gamers. However, the game will still have in-game currency and microtransactions.

The Xbox Has Lost The Twitter App You'd Forgotten It Had

During the shift toward a more secure privacy policy for internet access, a lot of sites, a lot of services and a lot of portals had to undergone some serious overhauls to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation policy that the European Union rolled out. Well, one of the services affected by GDPR was Twitter, and one of the apps affected on Twitter was the Xbox app that you'd forgotten it had.

Telltale Delays The Wolf Among Us 2

A lot of gamers have been awaiting the release of The Wolf Among Us 2, hoping and desperately wanting to get their hands on the new season of the episodic, narrative-driven adventure series. However, it appears as if the wait will be just a bit longer, as Telltale has delayed the second season.

Mads Mikkelsen Says Death Stranding Will Use Co-op On A Global Scale

We've seen teases and hints in the past that Death Stranding would somehow tie into a multiplayer component of some sort, but it was all cryptic and vague. Well, one of the lead characters of the game, played by accomplished Hollywood actor Mads Mikkelsen, has revealed a little bit more about the multiplayer component in Death Stranding.

Madden NFL 19 Has A Release Date

Electronic Arts and the rest of the EA Sports division are already gearing up for the release of this year's Madden NFL 19, and the game is prepping for its big debut this summer to give PS4 and Xbox One gamers their annual dose of some good 'ole National Football League action.

Overwatch Is Getting Its Own LEGO Sets

Blizzard Entertainment's team-focused first-person shooter seems to be maintaining its popularity in the mainstream space, so much so that LEGO has managed to strike up a deal with Blizzard in order to make various LEGO sets based on the Overwatch universe.

Everything Ubisoft Will Be Showing At E3 2018

With E3 fast approaching, a lot of gamers are intent on finding out exactly what Ubisoft will be showcasing at the big event in Los Angeles, California. Well, the company finally revealed its plans for the press conference this June.

Detroit: Become Human Reviews Are In, Here's What The Critics Are Saying

The release of Detroit: Become Human is fast approaching. The game is due for release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 tomorrow and reviews are already piling in for the game from major gaming review outlets giving their two cents on Quantic Dream's philosophically themed sci-fi thriller.

Fortnite Added A New Item By Accident

The latest patch dropped in Fortnite this week, introducing jetpacks to the Battle Royale experience. Then players discovered a mystery item that wasn't included in the patch notes; a "Storm Tracker" that let them get a bit of an edge over the competition.

How DICE Is Responding To The Battlefield V Controversy

EA and DICE held their big Battlefield V reveal event in London yesterday, showing off plenty of concept art and a cinematic trailer for their World War II shooter. Included in the reveal were female soldiers, which has caused something of an uproar from the community. For DICE's part, they don't seem to be sweating the haters.

Battlefield 5 Won't Have A Season Pass

DICE hosted its big Battlefield V reveal in London today and possibly the biggest announcement to come out of the event is the fact that the game will be doing away with the DLC season pass.

Battlefield V Reveal Trailer Is Full Of Insane World War II Action

Electronic Arts and DICE finally revealed the latest entry in the long-running Battlefield entry, aptly and numerically titled Battlefield V. The full reveal trailer features a squad of characters engaged in full-on, hardcore World War II combat, and it's quite insane.

Devolver Digital Is Doing Another E3 Press Conference, And They're Really Sorry

One of the highlights of last year's E3 was that indie publisher Devolver Digital hosted their very own E3 press conference. The company will be back this year and has plans on hosting yet another E3 press conference, and they're already apologizing for it.

Best Buy Ending Gamers Club Unlocked Program

If you've been a member of the Gamers Club program at Best Buy for years on end, be prepared to see it all go away. Yes, Best Buy is ending the Games Club Unlocked program, and all the benefits associated with it will soon come to an end.

We Happy Few Won't Be Rated In Australia

Yet another game is being denied classification in Australia, and it's not the over-the-top, violent shoot-a-thon you might expect. Instead, it's the indie game We Happy Few.

Could A Nintendo 64 Classic Mini-Console Be On The Way?

Nintendo has found a lot of success in its NES Classic and SNES Classic mini-consoles and, based on a recent trademark filing, it looks like they may try to continue that trend with the Nintendo 64.

EA No Longer Has The PGA License

Electronic Arts is many things to many people, but a holder of the Professional Golfers' Association license is not one of them. The news recently went out that Electronic Arts and its subsidiary, EA Sports, no longer has a handle on the PGA license and won't be making PGA games anytime soon.

New Details on Donkey Kong DLC For Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Ubisoft rolled out some brand new details and footage for the upcoming expansion pack DLC for the turn-based, adventure strategy game for the Nintendo Switch, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The new details explain how you'll play Donkey Kong in the game and what you can expect from the expansion.

Magic: The Gathering Reveals Three New Card Sets

A roadmap through the next year's worth of Magic: The Gathering has been plotted, with Wizards of the Coast revealing details about the collectible card game's next three expansions.

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