Ronda Rousey Seemingly Confirms Mortal Kombat 11 Rumor

NetherRealm Studios is currently hard at work on Mortal Kombat 11, which is set to come out for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The upcoming fighting game was rumored to have a brand name martial artist joining the voice cast, and, apparently, that's true because former UFC champion, Ronda Rousey, has seemingly confirmed her involvement with the game.

Fortnite Accounts Could Have Been Hacked Through A 15-Year-Old Webpage

A lot of games these days are based around online functionality, and in the case of a widely popular game like Fortnite, it means that there is a possibility of having your account hacked just because the game is such a huge target. Well, some accounts in the game could have become compromised through a 15-year-old webpage.

EA's Open-World Star Wars Game Reportedly Canceled

Based on a series of reports from folks close to the matter, it looks like Electronic Arts' open-world Star Wars game has been cancelled.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Review

Travis Strikes Again might not be the direct sequel No More Heroes fans have waited nearly a decade for, but it's just as over-the-top and utterly insane as we've come to expect from gaming's punk rock auteur, Suda51.

Rocket League Cross Platform Play Is Now Available On PS4

Psyonix has been working around the clock to finally bring gamers the cross-platform compatibility that they've been craving for some time from Rocket League. The other game consoles and PC support it, but the PS4 was the only one on the block that prohibited cross-play... until now.

The Next Shadow Of The Tomb Raider DLC Goes Back To Croft Manor

The latest bit of Shadow of the Tomb Raide content takes Lara back to the old Croft Manor, which has popped up quite a few times in past games, but gets a far more prominent place in the actual gameplay with the new expansion.

Deleted Court Of Owls Art May Support The Latest Batman Game Rumor

Rumors keep swirling around a potential new Batman game in the current dark and gritty Batman world that Warner Bros. and Rocksteady established back in 2009 with Batman: Arkham Aslyum. The rumors popped up again after some new artwork made its way online, which has given gamers the idea that it may be tied to the new game.

Watch A Fortnite Streamer Lose His Mind After Getting A $75,000 Donation

In the midst of one of his regular streams, popular Fortnite player Exotic Chaotic received a donation that seemed too good to be true. It was for $75,000, and it was apparently 100 percent legitimate.

Battlefield V's Lightning Strikes Update Adds New Weapons, And More

The latest update for Battlefield V has made its way to home console gamers and PC players in the form of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes. The update goes live on January 15th and features all new weapons, challenges, and modes. This update is also free as part of the Tides of War expansion.

Fallout 76 Patch Has More Than 150 Fixes

Fallout 76's latest patch addressed more than 150 different issues that were reported by the community.

Footage Of Cancelled Disney Infinity 4.0 Includes Yoda And Spider-Man In Agrabah

Disney Infinity was shut down back in 2016, but the developers were still working on some interesting things for the game before the plug was pulled.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Being Sued By The Pinkertons

It looks like the use of Pinkerton agents in Red Dead Redemption II might have landed Rockstar Games and Take-Two in some hot water with the actual Pinkerton agency.

Beating Resident Evil 2's One-Shot Demo Totally Doesn't Require 30 Minutes

It turns out that the Resident Evil 2 "1-Shot" demo isn't as limited as we initially thought. Folks have already figured out how to bypass the trial's 30-minute time limit while others are simply beating it really, really quickly.

Why League Of Legends Is Planning Several Jungle Changes

Riot Games is kicking off 2019 with some much-needed changes to how jungling works in League of Legends, with the end goal being to bring all player classes back onto a level playing field.

Gearbox Responds To Lawsuit Alleging CEO Got A Secret $12M Bonus For Borderlands

After some wild allegations were made, Gearbox decided to respond and address them head on.

These SNES Games May Be Coming To Nintendo Switch Online

A lot of gamers have been wondering if Nintendo may one day upgrade the current monthly offerings of the free NES games handed out with the premium Nintendo Network subscription service for the Switch.

Fallout 76 Players Are Reportedly Getting Banned For Entering A Secret Room

Fallout 76 seems to be the controversial game that just keeps on giving.

Parent Shocked To Find Phallic Images In Kids' Video Game Console

A cautionary tale concerning knockoff video game consoles has surfaced in Tennessee, where one woman is reporting she found phallic images in one of the games intended for children.

Fortnite's Creator Just Earned An F From The Better Business Bureau

When you play Fortnite as a duo or squad, communication is key. According to the Better Business Bureau, that's a lesson parent company Epic Games might need to re-learn.

Yes, Blue Toad Is Playable In New Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe

A lot of gamers have been wondering who is playable in the re-release of Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch.

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