Subscribe To MapleStory Adds Parties And New Modes With Fight For Azwan Updates
The massive world of MapleStory has grown even bigger with the final update of the summer throwing players into the “Fight for Azwan.”

A long time ago, the city of Azwan resided in the Nihal Desert, and I'm just going to assume that some of those words actually make sense to the folks who play this game. For all I know, I just spewed a line of obscenities. If so, I apologize...Moving on. When Azwan's king and Shamanesses were betrayed by the evil Hilla, the people of the city were turned into her undead minions. As much as I tease about the names and story, this is actually par for the course when talking about the vast majority of RPGs.

In short, the Fight for Azwan update allows players of this 2D platforming MMO to venture to the long-lost city of Azwan to explore and wage massive battles. The newest expansion also introduces new party and solo Player verses Everyone modes tasking MapleStory adventurers with finally overthrowing the evil Hilla.

Along with four difficulty levels to sink your teeth into, this newest update also offers four timed game modes including Attack, Defend, Occupy and Supply. Attack sees players trying to destroy a tower in a set period of time while defend has them, well, defending it. Supply has players looking for the best loot drops while occupy tasks teams with holding specific points set across the map.

According to Nexon, Fight for Azwan is the last of MapleStory's summer updates, so drink deep of its bountiful offerings. To do exactly that, head on over to the game's official website.

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