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Shadow Company: The Mercenary War sounds like a typical free-to-play shooter, and I'm gonna take a wild guess and assume that it is, but at the same time Nexon's promotion of the game is more-so an evolution of the typical free-to-play shooter rather than just another clone to fill out the ranks. The new cinematic gameplay trailer certainly lends itself to the belief that the game is embracing the next-generation of first-person shooting combat.

The game looks like your standard-fare fast-paced shooter, but it incorporates new-gen gameplay mechanics such as being able to smoothly transition from sprinting to iron-sights, as well as being able to slide smoothly under or over obstacles, ala Mirror's Edge/Brink.

It's tough to get a fair gauge on what the actual gameplay is like given all the inter-cut cinematic editing, but I guess this is just a standard promo trailer and we can expect some real gameplay footage soon enough. Check it out below.

So what do you think? I'm holding out judgment until more concrete footage surfaces. For now it just kind of looks like the proper evolution of Nexon's other free-to-play shooter, Combat Arms. I suppose if you were looking for an Unreal Engine-powered Combat Arms then you're definitely going to be excited about Shadow Company.

The game, like all other Nexon titles, will be free-to-play when it does launch. For more we'll just have to settle for teaser assets, screenshots and trailers until the game's beta gets underway. To stay tuned for more information and announcements for Shadow Company, feel free to visit the Official Nexon Website.

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