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Cartoon Network has teamed up with developer Jick Jack to bring the transmorphing antics of Ben 10 to iOS in the newly released adventure/flying game, Ben 10: Alien Escape.

Ben 10: Alien Escape is a racing game of sorts. Players take control of the titular character, who then morphs into one of his alien counterparts, Jetray, Stinkfly or Big Chill, in order to make it through increasingly challenging trials that have you swooping past obstacles, darting through chomping spike traps and avoiding deadly lasers.

Ben 10: Alien Escape focuses on simple controls in a race against time to add your lowest score to the top of the leaderboard. The game proper features 45 narrow caves and cityscapes to navigate and an update is also inbound that will give players access to the Ripjaws form, as well as an additional 15 levels to speed through. If you collect enough energy along the way, you'll also be able to upgrade your aliens' various powers, giving you quicker movement or the ability to avoid taking damage.

Ben 10 actually has a new series heading to Cartoon Network, so Alien Escape might be the perfect way for fans of the show to prepare. The game runs $2.99 on iTunes and is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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