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Red 5 Studios released a new walkthrough video for FireFall from this year's GamesCom. The video is a super lengthy breakdown of each of the Battleframes in the game as well as a walkthrough of the skill tree setups and the overhaul of how players will be able to customize and modify their builds to their playing style. It's an interesting 10 minutes to say the least.

Let me say, first of all, the skill tree will be disappointing to anyone who has become accustomed to that massive skill forest from Path of Exile. The trees are simplified enough so that casuals can hop into the game and not be overwhelmed. There's also a little bit of diversity so that hardcore RPG fans won't feel like they're being bombarded with a hand-holding experience. And, of course, FPS and TPS fans will still have to rely on real-time skill to land kills and excel at PvP.

You can check out the complete walkthrough of the video below, courtesy of Gametrailers.

FireFall is currently still undergoing overhauls and beta testing. The team is working hard to gather feedback and talk to gamers about what works and what doesn't in the game. I imagine as soon as they find a decent enough balance they'll move the game out of closed-beta testing and into the open-beta phase.

You sign up for FireFall right now or look for the game to launch later this year for PC as a free-to-play MMO FPS/TPS. Just head on over to the Official Website.

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