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Rome: Total War was released back in 2004 so The Creative Assembly has several years worth of updated technology to use for the sequel, Total War: Rome 2. New screenshots of the game show the huge visual upgrade players can expect.

The game's engine supports new unit camers. You'll be able to zoom in on individual soldiers during the battle and see the carnage from their perspective. As you can see from the images, these soldiers are all extremely detailed. The battle looks almost like a current-gen action game.

I'm curious what the person-by-person fighting will actually look like in motion. Are they just going to cycle through a few stock animations or are there fights going to look believable? Maybe that's holding the game to too high a standard, though. In the end, I'm just glad we're not watching sprites bump into each other like in the days of the first Shogun.

Rome 2 is expected next year on the PC.

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