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Rumors started spurring recently about Valve potentially meeting to sell off the company to an interested Korean company. Today, Valve's Chet Faliszek finally came out to squash the rumors and settle the score for good, letting everyone know that Valve is not being sold off at all.

The original story about the acquisition started with a Korean print publication, JoongAng. As stated in a very detailed Venturebeat article, the deal was rurmored to go down for $893 million between NCSoft and Nexon. But none of that is happening and negotiations for a sell-off never even happened.

In a new interview with, Chet Faliszek sets the record straight and explains that all those rumors were just that...rumors. In fact, Chet and the rest of the crew at Valve are questioning where a lot of the rumors even come from, creating a bit of confusion within the office space as everyone wonders how a company could be getting sold off without anyone working there knowing about it. It's kind of like someone telling you how great your hamburgers are but you only make fried fish.

Anyway, Faliszek gave a rundown of the scenario at the recent Eurogamer Expo, saying...
"It's weird, because Gabe just gave that interview to the NYT which everyone was quoting - it's weirdly twisted how they took it. They were asking if we were going to sell out to someone and Gabe was like, we're not going to do that. The guy made the question to be about, 'how's this going to end'.

"There's no thoughts about that - everyone likes working there, we like working together we like the culture we have and the way it works because of all the parts of it. We're not changing any of that, we're pretty happy. We're doing OK."

They're doing better than “OK”....according to Forbes, Valve is worth more than $3 billion dollars. That's enough to get companies like Activision Blizzard and EA to look the way of Valve with a bit of e-peen jealousy. This is especially considering that Valve is a small dedicated company, ran privately and manages to post profits EA and Activision only wish they could manage. plans to have up the full interview shortly. In the meantime, you can take it easy and sigh with relief that Jedi Master Gabe and the rest of his padawans are safe and sound at the temple of Valve.

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