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Cyanide Studio released some new screenshots and concept art for the upcoming online strategy game, Dogs of War Online. The new media images give gamers an idea of what each faction looks like and how the character aesthetics will appeal to gamers.

The concept for Dogs of War Online is pretty spiffy, as players will engage in MOBA-style encounters using strategic unit placement and skills to thwart enemies on an ever-changing battlefield where pre-battle conditions and circumstances can affect your troops heading into a fight.

Players will have to deal with keeping their troops appeased, they will have to work around soldiers who dissent as well as those who lose morale because they may not be looting, thieving and pillaging enough.

The game is a free-to-play title and is expected to launch sometime during the second quarter of this year. It joins the row of other MOBA titles coming or recently launched, but it hopes to separate itself by enabling random events so that players aren't just playing through the game straight, but are rather dealing with all sorts of unpredicted instances, circumstances and situations that could throw you off your game.

You can check out the new screenshots and concept art for the three different factions, the undead Ram forces, the knightly Lion forces and the predatory Wolfen forces, as mentioned in the original announcement article.

You can learn more about Dogs of War Online by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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