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The Game Critic Choice awards are in for this year's explosive E3 and the PC comes out as the big winner of the event and the Xbox One and Xbox 360 tie to come in second place. The pre-order lists from around the world also indicate that the PS4 is leading the charts but with a very interesting twist: the OUYA is outselling the Xbox One as a best seller of 2013 on Canada's Amazon list. I kid you not. And last but not least, Microsoft wants to win back over the decent people of the internet with a new troll trap for Xbox Live using gamer's reputation. These stories and more in this July 6th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

PS4 Pre-Orders Make It 2013's Best-Selling Console on Amazon So Far It's not even out yet and the pre-orders are blasting the system straight through the roof.

Whilom: Sins Brings Streets of Rage Gameplay To An RPG Universe And it's all about human organ trafficking...yep, this is one of those kind of games.

Earthbound Zero NES Reproduction Cartridges Now On Sale The original cartridge is available as a reproduction and you should check out the price of this NES gem straight from Japan.

Walking Dead 400 Days Coming In Early July; Player Choices May Affect Season Two oh boy, it looks like the dread of the previous game will carry over into the latest title from TellTale.

Liege, Strike Vector and Armikrog take over Steam's Greenlight Liege is a throwback to games like Tales of Phantasia while Strike Vector is a fast-paced sci-fi flight sim and Armikrog is a spiritual successor to the Neverhood.

BioShock Infinite DLC First Details Coming Next Month Additional DLC for one of the better selling games of the year will arrive next month.

FTL Mod Invading Garry's Mod Grab a crew and command a starship in Garry's Mod, FTL-style.

Gun Club 3 With Added Gameplay Arrives For Android, iOS This Fall Practice your shooting skills on your mobile device and fight for your second amendment rights, just the way the NRA likes it.

Microsoft Bringing Xbox One To Tokyo Game Show Even though you thought this was an unlikely move, Microsoft will attempt to win over the Japanese crowd with Kinect and their vast array of sports TV and media hub features on the Xbox One.

Why People Love Valve And Steam? Ten Simple Reasons A quick list of the reasons people have fallen in love with the digital distribution service and the company that runs it.

NHL 14 Cover Athlete Is Martin Brodeur Do you agree with this choice?

The Last of Us Patch Removes Phone Sex Numbers You can no longer use Naughty Dog's game to call up the ladies and talk naughty. Bummer.

Satellite Reign is Syndicate Wars' Spiritual Successor It's good to see more cyber-punk titles coming out and getting some much needed marketing exposure.

Star Wars Republic Patch 2.3 Adds Ewok Companion While many hardcore fanboys complained about the Ewoks in Episode VI, you can have one of these furry hairballs as your companion in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Xbox One Dashboard Has Been Optimized For Ads But it's not the evil, demented ads, it's just the ads you don't care about.

Report: 160 Billion Apps Will Be Downloaded On Mobile Devices In 2017 That's a ton of apps.

Survarium Isn't STALKER 2 But It Sure Looks Like It Vostok Games unveils some new screenshots for the upcoming first-person MMO shooter.

Tesla Fights Zombies In New Puzzle Platformer A Kickstarter game featuring brilliant inventor Nikolai Tesla seems him fighting zombies, Abraham Lincoln style.

Walking Dead 400 Days Of Summer Release Date Allows You To Play It This Week A lot sooner than you thought, eh?

Darkspore Removed From Steam, DRM Errors Prevent People From Playing This is just another sad and pathetic reason why always-on DRM is just another piss-poor and pitifully implemented restriction that does harm to no one but the consumer.

Wii U Could Get Frostbite 3 Games, But EA's Priority Is On PS4, Xbox One Well, they go where the cash is and their “omnidirectional” publishing endeavors might bring them back around to the Wii U... eventually.


Defense Grid Awakening Is First Games With Gold Free Offering Technically it's the second game, but it is the first free game post-E3 to be offered for free via XBL.

Don Mattrick Leaves Xbox One, Microsoft To Become Zynga's CEO Ahahaha...hahahah....oh, hohoho...ahaha. I'm sorry. That's the most I'm going to say about that.

SimCity Airships DLC Takes Flight New DLC for EA's SimCity has arrived in the form of airships and aerial craft.

Logitech Pimps Back To School Gaming Gear With Keyboards, Mice, Headsets A friendly reminder from Logitech about their cache of gaming gear.

Lacuna Passage Has Players Surviving In A Realistic Mars Setting A mission to Mars gone wrong and now survival is key. Lacuna Passage is another ambitious indie title that looks to advance where DayZ and Minecraft have made some huge advancements.

VG 24/7 Breaks Records Thanks To The Console War Gaming sites pull in some massive numbers in June due to all the console war coverage.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC Released On Xbox Activision is still pimping DLC for Black Ops 2 ahead of the release of CoD: Ghosts.

E3 2013 Awards: PC Wins, Xbox One and Xbox 360 Come In Second The Xbox One and the Xbox 360 nab second place behind the PC at E3.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Pre-Order Unlocks Cloud's Buster Sword The outfit and sword on Lightning looks freaking sexy. Way to go Square in doing something right.

Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2 and More Kick Off Xbox Live's Ultimate Summer Game Sale Microsoft finally doles out some decent games for sale on Xbox Live.

Interstellar Marines Now Available Via Early Access On Steam Pay a small fee to get in on the highly awaited first-person shooter.

Ubisoft Hacked, Asks Users To Change Passwords The Ubisoft servers have been hit and they request for Uplay owners to change up their passwords.

Walking Dead 400 Days Releases on PS3 The next chapter in the highly anticipated adventure title has finally arrived for the PS3.

Natural Selection 2 Adds Female Marines For Free Unknown Worlds tosses in female marines without getting into the nitty gritty debate of sexism. Ha, fooled you!

RuneScape 3 Launch Date Is Just Over The Horizon, Coming July 22nd Jagex is still pumping out new content for their popular free-to-play MMO, and the third-tier of the game will launch at the end of July.

Warrior Lair Cancelled For PS3, Vita The game that could have shown some great potential has the dust bitten from under its feet.

Nintendo Denies Region Free Gaming For Wii U A major blow for the Wii U against the competition, which has really stepped up their game.

Walking Dead 400 Days Review: Finest Hour Gaming Blend's Pete Haas reviews The Walking Dead: 400 Days. Find out if it's worth the price of admission and carries the same kind of story weight as the other games in the series.

Bleed: Side-Scrolling Devil may Cry Style Game Launches For Steam If you want a game that takes you back to classics like Gunstar and Castlevania, but with all the shoop-de-whoop and bullet-time ballet from games like Max Payne, then Bleed is your kind of game.

NPD To Start Tracking Digital Sales For The Console War Finally, moving out of the stone age era and into the digital times.

Borderlands 2 Heads Skins DLC Brings out Your Inner Duck Hunter New skins and goodies for Borderlands 2 has been unleashed.

Family Friendly Games Hit Xbox Live's Ultimate Game Sale New games for the whole family are being discounted on XBL.

Double Fine Adventure Broken Age Split Into Two Parts The Kickstarter money just wasn't enough to cover the scope of this AAA style adventure game.

Xbox One Reputation system Keeps Trolls Out No more trolls to keep the good Xbox people down. Score one rep point for Microsoft.

Maia Joins Steam Greenlight After Successful Kickstarter Campaign A new strategy game lands on Steam's Greenlight.

State of Decay Multiplayer Has Officially Been Canned Undead Labs buries their multiplayer plans for State of Decay.

Licensed Wii U Indie Devs Get Unity Pro For Free This is a great step in the right direction from Nintendo.


QWOP Now Frustrating Android Gamers The 3D title finally makes the jump to the Jelly Bean powered OS.

World of Warcraft Microtransactions Allows You To Pay Money To Level Faster How do you feel about Blizzard's microtransaction store for World of Warcraft?

Final Fantasy 7 Hits Steam Final Fantasy 7 finally comes to Steam... after being on PC for like, forever.

Fez Getting Patched For Xbox 360 Now That Patching Fees Are Gone Gamers will finally get to play Fez without the game breaking bug.

PlanetSide 2 Battle Islands Pave Way to eSports Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide 2 is setting itself up for the ever-growing eSports scene.

Walking Dead 400 Days Released For Xbox 360 The latest Walking Dead title from TellTale has launched for Microsoft's console.

Valve and Take-Two Interactive Are Attending GamesCom Many gamers are excited about the possibility of Steam Box news coming out of Valve's attendance at GamesCom.

7 Days to Die Gameplay Video Demonstrates Crafting, Destructible Environments Build, craft, shoot, survive in this nifty upcoming game for PC.

Farming Simulator Coming to Xbox 360, PS3 This September New trailers and screenshots emerge for the upcoming title.

Microsoft Aims to Win GamesCom With Xbox One The console will try to win at least one conference this year... even if it's just GamesCom.

Pokemon X & Y Honedge Announced Nintendo and GameFreak keep the Pokemon games rolling out.

Xbox One Reputation System To Keep The Trolls out But how well will it work, is the big question.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. You can check out of the latest trailer below to prep for fall's super amped up holiday line-up. Enjoy.

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