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Battling enemy AI can be tricky at times but, if you really want a challenge, it's usually best to take your favorite shooter online and go toe to toe with live human opponents. Well, players in Firefall will get the best of both world this Sunday, as the team at Red 5 Studios will be granting control of certain in-game boss characters to highly effective members of staff.

The idea of player-controlled boss characters has been picking up steam in recent years, as players get the chance to take a walk on the dark side by bending especially nasty baddies to their will. The original Dark Souls had one boss character that could actually be controlled by another player, and the entire premise of upcoming shooter, Evolve, is that three puny human players will take on a single boss that is, you guessed it, being controlled by a fifth player.

This weekend, Red 5 Studios announced that it would be kicking off yet another Chosen Offensive live event within Firefall, the popular MMO shooter. Even cooler is the fact that, in order to take a shot at these enemies being controlled by the development team, all you have to do is play the game like normal.

“These menacing incursions can happen anywhere in the world of Firefall, from the deceptively tropical Coral Forest to the unending dunes of Sertao or even the volcanic depths of Devil's Tusk,” reads the press release announcing the event. “Players who participate not only get the thrill and satisfaction of battling against members of the development team, but can also earn event-exclusive rewards.”

So, bragging rights and special goodies? That seems like a fair trade.

In order to enjoy some of that fresh loot, all you have to do is dedicate an hour of your Sunday to Firefall. According to Red 5, you have to be logged into Firefall and playing the game for 60 consecutive minutes anytime between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. PDT. Do that, and you'll earn access to a bunch of special rewards, including battleframe warpaint an a brand new decal to show off your dedication to the game. If you happen to help bring down one of the bosses, however, you will also unlock a special pet. Nothing like gaining special rewards for beating the creators at their own game.

If you haven't looked into Firefall just yet, you might want to head on over to the official website and give this free-to-play MMO shooter a gander. If you like what you see, get rolling with a character and don't forget to log in for special prizes and a chance to battle a developer tomorrow afternoon.

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