The DOTA 2 universe continues to expand through the holidays with a new hero, an Arcana for Zeus and even gameplay update 6.86. Full details on that update have now been released, breaking down what changes players can expect for the game.

DOTA 2 is an ever-evolving game, with minor tweaks and adjustments being plugged in at regular intervals to make sure things stay nice and balanced. Update 6.8 is the latest such crop of changes, making the following changes to the game.

-Enabled Doom, Faceless Void, Death Prophet, Lone Druid and Winter Wyvern in Captain's Mode
-Arcane Rune mana reduction reduced from 50 to 40%
-Spirit Siphon duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds
-Arcane Orb Int steal increased from 0/1/2/3 to 1/2/3/4
-Astral Imprisonment cooldown rescaled from 20/17/14/11 to 22/18/14/10
-Cloak and Dagger backstab damage multiplier increased from 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0 to 0.5/0.75/1.0/1.25
-Tricks of the Trade now only affects heroes
-Tricks of the Trade AoE increased from 450 to 475
-Tricks of the Trade cooldown rescaled from 90/80/70 to 70
-Time Dilation AoE increased from 650 to 725
-Time Dilation slow rescaled from 4/6/8/10 to 7/8/9/10%
-Time Dilation duration rescaled from 6/7/8/9 to 5.5/7/8.5/10 seconds
-Meat Hook Scepter damage reduced from 175/275/375/475 to 180/270/360/450

All of those numbers likely appear to be a foreign language if you’re not too deep into DOTA 2. Some people just like to play the game and battle alongside friends, after all. Others, though, take their gameplay to a whole new level, so it’s nice that Valve keeps the info flowing. Some folks have turned playing games like DOTA 2 into a professional career, so it’s important for them to know that the damage of a certain move has been adjusted or the effects of a beloved spell wear off more quickly now.

As with other recent updates, we’re seeing mostly small scaling here, making stuff like the Spirit Siphon ability last one second longer, or the area of effect for Time Dilation grow a bit. Nothing here is game-changing but, again, it’s good information to have for folks that want to have all of the details.

Update 6.86 is only one part of the holiday additions to DOTA 2 however. The whole package is being called the Balance of Power Update, and it also includes an Arcana for Zeus to utilize, a new Desert Terrain pack to explore, additional improvements to the user interface and even a new hero known as the Arc Warden.

That new hero is likely the most exciting of the lot, giving players another playable character to unlock, upgrade and take out onto the battlefield. Also known as “The Fractured Guardian,” the Arc Warden offers abilities like Flux, a magnetic field, the ability to call on a spark wraith and even clone itself. Yep, that sounds pretty rad.
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