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Awhile ago, I wrote an article about a progressive game on Kickstarter called Ghost Theory that, unfortunately, didn’t successfully get funded. But with their second attempt at getting funding through Kickstarter, things have finally taken a turn for the better.

As of today, Ghost Theory was successfully funded and currently rests at over $72,000, just barely inching past their $71,178 goal with 59 hours still left to go. But what’s so great about this game, anyways? Ghost Theory presents an interesting concept. It’s one thing to create a horror game where players get to explore a fictional haunted house or asylum, but what Ghost Theory does is a little different. Ghost Theory will allow players to explore real-life haunted houses. So while a trip to haunted castles in Europe costs an arm and a leg, this game helps you get rid of that headache. Check out the pitch video below. 

Me being a huge fan of horror and paranormal things in general, of course this tickles my fancy. I’ve been obsessed with haunted places since I was young and this game scratches that travel itch, my desire to travel and explore some of the world’s most haunted places. And that’s not to say I still won’t travel, but it will at least help tame that itch until traveling the world is affordable. 

What Ghost Theory is doing is something revolutionary in horror gaming. We’ve seen the found-footage games which have been exhausted and the jump-scare horror adventures that can become predictable, but this game offers a different sort of experience. 

Borrowing from real-life ghost hunting experiences, Ghost Theory won’t be anything lile your typical horror game. There won’t be ghosts lurking in the darkness waiting for your approach. You’ll have to take the Zak-Bagans-approach and provoke the spirits to come out and play. I always love when a game ventures out into new territory and tries something new. 

The game isn’t expected to ship until September 2017, but at least it was finally funded. Now we just have over a year to wait until we can finally get our hands on the paranormal adventure. If you would like to back to project in the mere hours it has left, you can visit the Ghost Theory Kickstarter page to do so. 

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