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We've been writing about this for months, checking up on clues and looking into possible leaks to see if Crash Bandicoot was truly making a return. And finally, we have a our answer. After surfing the internet to find any and all information pointing towards Crash's return, we can officially say Crash is coming back and will be better than ever.

The below trailer shows off Crash Bandicoot in his new home, in the upcoming Skylanders: Imaginators, which we recently reported on from a leak a few days ago. And Sony also announced that Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2 and Crash Bandicoot: Warped were coming to PS4 via a remastered collection. Talk about a quadruple whammy.

While Ratchet And Clank started small and remastered only one game, Activision and Sony are taking it to the max and bringing in all three classic games to PS4. You can check out the Imaginators trailer below.

While I'm not a fan of seeing Crash Bandicoot come back inSkylanders: Imaginators, I am pretty excited to see Crash Bandicoot returning in a remastered version of the classic games. How bad could it be? Ratchet And Clank did more than okay when they released the remastered version of the classic game, and if Crash Bandicoot fans are as hungry as I think they are (me included), then we're all going to eat that up. I'm just glad Activision is finally doing something with the franchise, but I just hope it's done right.

I can appreciate, though, that they kept Crash looking like, well, Crash! Because in Activision's earlier Crash Bandicoot games, they tried to make him look hip and younger, and it just looked awful. So that at least gives me hope for the remastered version. And hey, maybe I might actually try Skylanders: Imaginators now.

Now all we need is a remastered Crash Team Racing, yes?

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