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Fable Fortune

After Microsoft shuttered the doors of Lionhead Studios, a small remnant of the developer formed the indie studio Flaming Fowl. They originally tried to Kickstart a new Fable card game called Fable Fortune, but they just recently canceled it due to an outside angel investor stepping in, ensuring that the game won't die... yet.

Gamespot covers the complicated turnout for the continued existence of the Fable franchise, now hanging on by a thread through the means of an indie project headed up by the new studio Flaming Fowl. Fable Fortune is the name of the game and it's been secretly in development during Lionhead Studios' final days under the Microsoft umbrella. Microsoft gave Flaming Fowl their blessings to use the Fable IP but they aren't financially backing the project.

Flaming Fowl decided to take the card game, Fable Fortune, to the crowd-funding sector as a way to secure funding and finish development for the game. They set a goal of $367,000 and managed to accrue $86,343 within the span of a week before pulling the plug on the Kickstarter campaign after they announced that they received outside support from investors.

In a Kickstarter update, they thanked their fans and announced that they were going to focus on getting a closed beta build of Fable Fortune up and out as soon as possible...

It's in this spirit that today we can share some amazing news with you. Thanks to your enthusiasm and support, we are happy to announce that we've successfully secured additional development funding! This, alongside our ongoing personal investment, will mean that we can continue to improve the game and allow even more of you to start playing.

With the immediate future of Fable Fortune now secure, we have taken the decision to end our Kickstarter campaign early to focus on releasing a closed beta build as quickly as possible,

The game was seeking funds for both a PC and Xbox One version of the game. The Xbox One version was set to release if the stretch goal of $1 million was met. Gamespot speculates that perhaps the Xbox One version's costs are also being paid for by the angel investor.

The Fable CCG will be heading into closed beta testing soon. At the moment Flaming Fowl has a limited closed alpha test running to garner feedback and get more insight into how they can improve the game, but they want to move into closed beta as quickly as possible, and from there head into open beta.

Hopefully they take their time with the game and ensure that all the components and necessarily gameplay mechanics are in place. The last thing they need to do is roll the game out way too early and garner nothing but the ire of the gaming community and fans for rushing out a broken product. We've seen that happen way too often recently where some developers have bypassed Early Access in order to rush their game out the door and in result they get a bunch of negative user reviews in result.

Flaming Fowl are looking to expand their closed beta and sign-ups are currently available over on the official website. You can sign-up now if you want an opportunity to play-test Fable Fortune.

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