Diablo III

New information has surfaced surrounding the possibility of a new Diablo project being in the works. A job posting sees Blizzard Entertainment on the hunt for hiring a new game director to lead the future of the Diablo series. However, the project is still unannounced and we don't know if it's a game, DLC or some other spin-off.

IGN is reporting that the job listing was originally spotted by BlizzPro, who noted that the Blizzard Irvine studio career page has a listing for a "Game Director, Unannounced Project -- Diablo". IGN suspects that this could be a brand new game, while it's also possible that it could be a new expansion pack.

In the case of Diablo it's a little difficult to tell what Blizzard has in store for the game, but GamesBeat managed to pry some bits of info out of Blizzard regarding the hiring of a game director for Diablo III. According to Blizzard this hiring is just to replace the former game director, Josh Mosqueira.

Blizzard explained to GamesBeat:

With Diablo III in a good place at this point, Josh [Mosqueira] felt that now was a good time to pursue other opportunities with minimal impact to the team,[...] We'll be filling the director role either from within Blizzard or externally

They don't actually spill any beans about the future of the franchise, though, which definitely comes into question given that the giant 'ole "Unannounced Project" basically means that there is something planned for the near future of Diablo III... or perhaps the Diablo franchise in general.

Given how long it usually takes for Blizzard to make sequels for games, I doubt they're making plans to roll out a Diablo IV or anything that big anytime soon. The most likely outcomes fall within the line of an expansion pack or a spin-off. In this case, the last big expansion for Diablo III was the Reaper of Souls.

Rumors have spurred that another expansion could be in the works given that the last big expansion for Diablo came out back in 2014. Seems crazy that it's already been two years. But the expansion arrived two years after Diablo III came out back in 2012.

The game had undergone a lot of changes and upgrades since then, going from a very controversial title with the always-on DRM (which is still present in the PC version of the game) to removing the Real-Money Auction House, which allowed people to spend real money to buy virtual items.

After a lot of feedback and criticism (as well as some cases of missing money and hacked accounts), Blizzard scaled back on the reliance on the auction houses, closing both the gold auction house and the Real-Money Auction House, the latter of which was prohibited from being opened in South Korea due to fears of gambling addiction.

After making some turnarounds and releasing some much needed updates, the original game director of Diablo III, Jay Wilson, departed from the project and Josh Mosqueira took over. Now that Mosqueira is out of the picture Blizzard is looking to replace him and lead the charge forward with the Diablo property, whatever that may be.

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