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Gul'Dan In Heroes of the Storm

While Blizzard tends to Overwatch and has recently released the more competitive play options, they're also still pumping out new content for Heroes of the Storm, including adding two new characters from World Of Warcraft and Diablo.

Gamespot did a quick write-up on the new characters, explaining that gamers will have access to Auriel from Diablo and Gul'Dan from Warcraft.

These two classic characters from the Blizzard lore will arrive in Heroes of the Storm in a variety of different costumes and themes. Gul'Dan, for instances, will be playable as standard Gul'Dan, Balespider Gul'Dan and Master Gul'Dan, Each one has a very distinctive look, with the Balespider outfit having the most unique design out of the three.

Auriel, the angel from Diablo, comes in a couple of different forms as well, including the standard version, which is the one we usually see in the game and cinematics, and the Master version, which sees a more dangerous looking Auriel in play. She has a halo above her head and a dangerous looking mask on, while streams of cloth flow down her arms like elongated tassels. Her last outfit is the Demonic rendition, where her wings go from the celestial blue to the fiery form of orange and red. Her typical blue, white and gold attire switches to red, black and titanium. Her head is adorned with elevated horns while her pauldrons have morphed into grotesquely dangerous spikes. She also sheds her chest armor in favor of cleavage-baring demonic bra cups.

You can see both of the characters in action with the teaser video below, which actually clocks in at close to four minutes.

As far as the in-game play is concerned, we don't get to see much from either Gul'Dan or Auriel. Teh Warcraft and Diablo heroes respectively only get a few seconds of actual gameplay, showcasing a basic attack and a basic skill for each before the video moves on to another set of characters and items coming to Heroes of the Storm.

We see a Mystic Kingdoms rendition of Arthas, which essentially looks like Guan Yu was a given a Kung-Fu Panda makeover, and we get to see a very visually staggering Spellbreaker Johanna in action. Her outfit is a top to bottom crimson armor set with giant green jewels encrusted into her chest plate and at the center of an eagle-livery shield. There's both a mystical and regal design to the set that makes Johanna look like a force to be reckoned with.

The trailer also previews some of the more fun upgrades for a few of the characters, such as the volleyball-themed Striker Li-Ming, who has her scepter replaced with a trophy and her mystical orb replaced with a volleyball. It seems to pay homage to the upcoming summer Olympics set to take place in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The trailer for the upcoming content rounds out with the mounts set to appear in Heroes of the Storm, one of which includes a super awesome looking mecha mount called the Obsidian Cyber Wolf. It's a molten gold and obsidian black themed mount with a spiked collar and horned, metal teeth. It looks as cool as it sounds. The new mounts, skins and heroes are set to arrive in Heroes of the Storm over the course of the next few weeks.

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