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World of Warcraft: Legion

Blizzard Entertainment is prepping for the biggest release for World of Warcraft this year in the form of Legion. The massive new expansion comes with a new Demon Hunter class that you can access early via pre-purchasing the expansion.

Game Informer is reporting that ahead of the actual expansion's release for World of Warcraft on August 30th, you'll be able to get your hands on the Demon Hunter class early. The lure of getting one's hands on the brand new class ahead of most of everyone else is probably tempting enough to entice die-hard fans of the MMO. According to the official World of Warcraft Twitter account, if you pre-purchase the expansion you can begin playing as the new class starting next week on August 9th.

In addition to early access to the Demon Hunter, pre-purchasing the game also allows you access to instantly level up a character to level 100. This controversial character boost has received some criticisms for being a bit of a paid cheat. You're essentially paying to bypass the whole World of Warcraft play experience to get a character boosted up to level 100.

Even still, Blizzard is offering gamers the ability to take advantage of this free level boost when they pre-purchase Legion for World of Warcraft.

The pre-purchase bonus is also limited to those subscribing to the game, so you will need more than just a freebie account to take advantage of the Demon Hunter class.

The class itself is specialized in using warglaives, daggers, fist weapons and one-handed axes and swords. Demon Hunters only wear leather armor and fulfill the role of both a tank and a damage dealer with high DPS.

The early access and additional character boost are likely to help bolster the appeal of World of Warcraft, which has seen some massive declines over the past couple of years, losing millions of subscribers compared to where it was before. Nearly a million of those subscribers tiptoed over to a private server in order to play a vanilla version of World of Warcraft, but Blizzard had the servers shutdown.

The team behind the vanilla server have been in talks with Blizzard about possibly reviving something for gamers who want to play on something a bit more old-school, but they haven't said what's to come out of it all... not yet, anyway.

For now Blizzard is focused on getting Legion up and out to the masses. The pre-purchase campaign they're running starts at $49.99 for the standard edition and $69.99 for the digital deluxe edition. They have plans on launching the new expansion on August 30th at the end of the month, and they're likely hoping to get a big turnout for the expansion.

If you want to learn more or pre-purchase the content, you can do so by visiting the official Blizzard.net store, where both versions of the expansion are available for digital download.

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