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If there's one thing that we can count on in this crazy world, it's that actor Sean Bean will die in just about any role he's given. Unfortunately, the folks over at Firaxis Games have decided to throw us a curveball, giving Mr. Bean a role that likely won't cost him his life.

If you've got a sharp ear, then you may have noticed the voice of Sean Bean narrating recent Civilization 6 trailers. That, of course, got folks wondering if he would have anything to do with the actual game. It turns out the answer is yes, and the role will almost certainly be a rare one for the legendary actor where he does not bite the big one at the end. Why not? Because it turns out he's now the voice of the Civilization 6 tech tree. Yes, when you finish research throughout any given campaign, it will be the sound of Sean Bean telling you what a fantastic job you're doing.

There is, of course, the possibility that the final task on your tech tree will be something like "destroy the world," at which point Sean Bean would likely have to offer some sort of auditory death scene. Barring that, though, the guy is just about as secure as can be taking on the role of a menu voiceover.

The original report on Bean's casting comes to us via PC Gamer, who offer a sad reminder that the role of the tech tree voice in Civilization 4 actually belong to none other than the legendary man of science, Leonard Nimoy. Following his passing, Firaxis brought actor Morgan Sheppard into the fold to tackle the job in Civilization 5. With Civilization 6, they're giving Bean's pipes a try.

Sean Bean

In case you're curious what all of this Sean Bean dying talk is about, the guy dies in literally 30 percent of the films he's been in. We're not sure what it is about the guy, but he tends to get cast as characters that don't get to see a happy ending. While folks usually talk about best roles when discussing most actors, Bean conversations tend to revolve around best deaths. And he's died in a lot of good movies, too. From Lord of the Rings to Alien and beyond, he's kicked the bucket in about 25 films.

So I guess that means the guy can breathe easy for at least this one role. For those of you excited to dive into Civilization 6, look for it to arrive on PC and Mac come Oct. 21. In the meantime, let us know in the comments your thoughts on what little we've heard of Bean for the game so far.

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