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Final Fantasy XV

One of the most hyped games for this generation of gaming (and possibly last generation, too) is _Final Fantasy XV _(although it went under a different moniker last gen). The game, however, could be seriously delayed following rumors about a date change being sent out to retailers.

IGN is reporting that Kotaku claims retailers like Gamespot are receiving notices from Square Enix on how to replace the dates for Final Fantasy XV. Supposedly, the game will be pushed back by two months, from September 30th to November 29th.

This report has been making the rounds in the gaming news circuit, as multiple sites have been pointing out that Final Fantasy XV is being pushed back just beyond Black Friday. The reason for the delay is completely up to speculation, but some sites are theorizing that it is due to quality concerns, and that the game needed an extra two months of spit shine and polish before hitting retail shelves and digital distribution storefronts.

Two months is a seemingly adequate amount of time to squash bugs, perform cleanup through debugging, and iron out some glitches. Two months isn't really enough time to add all new kinds of content to the game, because the creation of new assets, testing, and debugging to have it ready as a day-one release patch is way too risky. The likelihood is that in-engine cinematics are being tested to ensure that everything is solid. Boss fights are probably being tested again, and other small tweaks and changes that could end up glitching at release are being ironed out.

For a game as large as Final Fantasy XV, it's easy for one new feature to break others, and there's also the strong possibility that adding in the DLC meant going back over and tweaking how some of the other gameplay features work.

The DLC was only recently detailed, giving gamers an idea of what to expect from the six pieces of content. Three of the packs allow players to take control of the other party members in Final Fantasy XV, opening the game up to more replayability and adventure possibilities. However, we don't know what amount of interactivity will be afforded to Noctis' teammates, and how much Square had to go back to the drawing board to either open up or restrict certain kinds of gameplay mechanics. For instance, will each of the other members (apart from Ignis) be able to drive the car? Will they have multiple weapons at their disposal the same as Noctis? How well will they interact with things like the Booster Pack DLC which contains additional high-level weapons?

I'm sure there are also tweaks being made to side-quests and mini-games littered throughout the game world. Players will be able to race in Chochobos, hunt wildlife, fish, cook, drive and interact with various NPCs throughout Final Fantasy XV. It wouldn't be surprising if the team is ensuring that all of these features work as intended to limit the possibility of crashes or unwanted bugs.

Of course, this is all working under the assumption that Final Fantasy XV is actually delayed. We won't know for sure until Square Enix makes it official.

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