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With Legion having launched for World of Warcraft, Blizzard wasn't done improving on the ancient but popular MMORPG. In fact, they have a new patch on the way to help improve the game beyond what was introduced in the latest expansion, and they detailed some of what you can expect from patch 7.1.

Posted up over on the World of Warcraft YouTube channel, the video highlights the changes set to arrive in patch 7.1, which is being called "Return to Karazhan".

The video clocks in at just over two minutes and starts off with a look at the Karazhan dungeon, a new raiding dungeon that takes place in a giant castle. The video centers around the different areas of the dungeon within World of Warcraft, highlighting some of the rooms and halls that raiding parties will venture through.

A few of the designs remind me very closely of Disney's animated Beauty and the Beast and Alice in Wonderland. The room with the warped checker floor leading into a vortex seemed like something right out of a demented fairy tale, and the animated furniture in the dining hall filled with dancing ghosts felt like an homage to something from Disney.

Halfway through the trailer things switch up and we find out that patch 7.1 for World of Warcraft will also see players being able to take on the Suramar campaign and brand new world quests to help level up their character.

There are also new challenges through the Trial of Valor, and some new larger than life bosses to battle.

The trailer doesn't get into any of the nitty gritty usually associated with changelogs and patch notes, but instead promotes the new World of Warcraft patch as an all new experience with all new adventures to go on within the MMO.

The preview for the new patch has been met with a lot of positive feedback from the community. Generally, a lot of people love what's to come for the game. Legion helped restore some interest and entertainment values for the fading MMO, and now fans are eager once again to see what Blizzard can do with the upcoming patch.

They don't actually give a release date on when the patch will arrive, but there is speculation that it's a couple of months out from release and Blizzard just wanted to give gamers a teaser taste of what's to come.

Whether or not Legion and the Return to Karazahn can restore World of Warcraft to the prominence it once held four years ago is another story for another time, but on the surface it at least looks like they managed to win back some trust and engagement from the core MMO audience and previous fans of the game.

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