Arkane Studios' new take on the Prey franchise (I suppose you could call it a remade reboot?) is set in the far future... well, not that far but far enough. However, it's not just set in the future it's also set in an alternate timeline where technology has a different kind of flavor within the game's universe.

In a recent video posted up over on the Bestheda Softworks YouTube channel, Arkane's creative director Raphael Colantonio explains how the timeline is altered due to a fairly significant event happening within the game's lore, stating...

In our world, Kennedy survived the assassination....The Space program is stronger, there's more attention to it and also the aesthetic has been modified a little to reflect the fact that this period became more important.

They're labeling the aesthetic as a "neo-deco future". It's a little bit like Deus Ex: Human Revolution meets BioShock's Rapture. When you see the way the game plays out and you get a scope of Prey's architecture and design, it makes sense and it looks pretty cool. Some of the sharp lines from the statues and objects contrasted with the more ergonomic accouterments littered throughout the levels creates a very distinctive look, no doubt.

According to Colantonio, the Talos I space station has such a luxurious look to it due to the fact that it's built by a mega-corporation and they've designed it to attract the brightest and most ardent minds in the science community.

You get to see how some of this neo-deco futuristic looking stuff takes shape and form in Prey with the minute long video below.

They don't actually show off much of anything we haven't already seen before in the video above, but it does help put a visual "face" to the textual descriptions that Colantonio rolls out for the upcoming first-person shooter and the kind of art-style they're going for.

Prey is definitely a unique game in Arkane's line-up because it doesn't appear to be a typical Doom-style shooter and it's certainly not quite another puzzle game like Portal. Some gamers say they're getting Half-Life meets System Shock vibes from the game, and I can definitely see some of that in the brief videos that have surfaced online.

The core of the gameplay will center around fighting off an alien menace while dealing with some body and mind-altering effects. Some of the story elements that they've let loose into the public so far seem to remind me a bit of Dead Space, but we'll likely have to wait and get our hands on the game to truly find out what's going on and what happened on the Talos I.

Arkane Studios' re-imagining of Prey will be published by Bethesda Softworks and is scheduled to release on the PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and PC at some point in time during 2017.

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