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The team over at 4A Games, known for creating the Metro series, is teasing its next project. Unfortunately, there's very little to go on here, which has led to a whole bunch of speculation as to what exactly players will be doing in their next offering.

The development house at 4A Games came screaming on to the scene back in 2010 when they first launched Metro 2033. Based on a beloved post-apocalyptic novel, the game was praised for nailing all of the key points and themes from the source material while letting players blast their way through an underground world that's struggling to survive. Come 2013, the studio unleashed Metro: Last Light, a successful sequel that built on the mythos and mechanics of the original game.

Most recently, the team has offered up a pair of Redux games, remasters of the Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Last we heard, they were working on a couple of different projects, including a possible sequel to the Metro series, as well as something else wholly different.

They've been quiet for quite some time, only recently taking to social media to tease fans with something resembling details of their ongoing project. Both of 4A Games' teasers feature the same pun about offering "a hand" in relation to figuring out what their next game is, accompanied by a close-up picture of a hand holding something.

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Here's a gander at the Twitter teaser, which has a distinct sci-fi vibe.

The same goes for the picture 4A has shared on Facebook, with both the glove and what looks like a pistol offering a distinctly futuristic vibe.

So there have been a lot of discussions and thoughts on what we are doing. So I was told to give you guys a hand: Also on Twitter @4AGames (https://twitter.com/4AGames/status/776450712343486465/photo/1)

Posted by 4A Games on Thursday, September 15, 2016

Given the fact that these images look to be showing off a game set in the future, we're not betting on this being tied to the Metro series. Then again, that second image has a background that appears to be a burned and scuffed up piece of leather, looking like a bus seat that would fit pretty perfectly into a post-apocalyptic world. So maybe you're some kind of super soldier dropped into the drastically changed world of Metro? Maybe one country/organization planned for the events that take place in Metro and had some futuristic gear developed to help them survive the fallout? Or, again, maybe this game has nothing to do with Metro and is either based on another popular property or something wholly original.

Until the team is willing to give us more than a hand (perhaps a face or setting?) to work with, all we can do is guess. Speaking of which, we'd be happy to hear your hunches in the comments section below. Fire away.