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A tweet went out recently where someone managed to spot the pricing for the Oculus Rift's motion Touch Controllers. The controllers are definitely expensive and will run you a pretty penny, and after making the conversion from pounds to dollars, you'll have to do some soul searching to figure out if they're worth it.

The tweet comes from Engadget reporter Nick Summers where a promotional poster reveals that the Oculus Touch Controllers will carry a £190 price tag; the figure rounds out to be around $250 USD.

Here Stateside the Oculus Rift package costs $599.99. So you take the $600 headset and now add $250 to that for the Touch Controllers and it brings the total price to $850.

In Summers' tweet some people were mentioning that it's not all that bad and that the price of the Rift and the Touch Controllers pretty much equal out to what it costs to own an HTC Vive. It's about $50 more than the Vive when you count the controller and headset combo. The price of the HTC Vive is already fairly steep at $800. You do get the lighthouses, the wireless motion controllers, the headset and all of the connection cables, though. The Oculus Rift doesn't have the 3D spatial lighthouses to detect movement, but then again the Rift doesn't require 60 square feet of space to operate properly.

If you have plans on getting the Oculus Touch Controllers, you'll need to put down a £50 deposit, which comes out to just over $60 over here in the U.S. The controllers were highly anticipated by a lot of gamers when they were on display with the Rift earlier in the year during the trade show promotion of the Oculus Rift.

A lot of positive feedback came out of the preliminary tests and show floor promos of the Touch Controllers. Whether or not they will retain that same level of quality across the currently available games and the upcoming games remains to be seen, but for $250 one would expect them to be made of a fairly high quality.

The controllers make it easier for interacting within VR games and apps, given that they read 3D spatial movement from the users without all of the cumbersome wires or the static positioning of a handheld controller. At the moment the Oculus Rift comes with a wireless Xbox controller to help give gamers something to use in most games, but the motion controllers have been universally praised for increasing the immersion and playability of most VR games.

The real issue, of course, is the price. I suppose if you could already afford an HTC Vive you're only being asked to fork over an extra $50 if you plan on getting the Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch Controllers. If the $800 for the HTC Vive was already too steep for you and outside of your budgetary wheelhouse, then the extra $50 on top of that to purchase a Rift and the Touch Controllers together likely won't make you budge.

If they can shave the price down some and put together a competitive bundle sort of like the PSVR then Oculus could make another bid for mainstream appeal. The Touch Controllers are available for pre-order at the moment.

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