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A new video for Dishonored 2 has surfaced, featuring creative new ways to kill people in the upcoming alternate-history sci-fi title. The video clocks in at over three and a half minutes, giving gamers a glimpse at how to turn the streets of Karneca red from a bevy of weapons and super powers.

The video, which was posted up over on the Bethesda Softworks YouTube channel, starts off with a look at the streets of Karneca before transitioning into an optional segment within the video itself that allows viewers to see what some of the new abilities are and how they afford players the opportunity to employ some rather creative kills.

The video segment starts with Emily using a number of abilities to tag enemies together using a link chain through a power called Domino, so that anything that befalls one of the enemies also befalls the rest who are tagged. She manages to lift them in the air after turning on an electrical barrier, and, by pulling them through the barrier, she incinerates all of them with the power surge.

The Domino effect has been one of the more talked about features of the game. A lot of players are thinking up creative ways of using it to perform crazy feats in Dishonored 2.

In one segment we see the Domino effect coupled with the Doppelganger. Emily proceeds to throw the Doppelganger over the ledge after attaching the Domino effect to it and some of the guards, which results in them flying over the ledge alongside the Doppelganger.

Another clip shows the Springrazor in effect, where it works like a mine that propels sharp razors out from its position. After pulling one of the enemies close to the trap, it ends up getting triggered and killing the soldier.

The video trailer then skips over to another style of play within Dishonored 2 entitled "Trading Places". This involves Emily placing down a large explosive device and then using an ability to create a doppelganger and then trade places with it. This not only confuses enemies, but also allows Emily to escape from danger while blowing up her previous position, resulting in the soldiers getting killed.

We get to see a few other instances where the teleportation skill is put into effect, enabling the player to escape from danger while creating explosive diversions (and deadly traps) in the process.

Halfway through the trailer we then get to see Corvo in action, bringing back a lot of the same tactics he employed in the first Dishonored. This includes bending time to maneuver around enemies and getting into an advantageous position, or flinging them across the map with special attacks.

The trailer doesn't focus much on Corvo, but does show some cool techniques in being able to transport people around by throwing them around the stage and catching them before they hit the ground. There aren't many games outside of Dishonored that allow you to do that.

You can look for Dishonored 2 to launch on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting November 11th, 2016.

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