The first ever clan to defeat the new raid for Destiny: Rise of Iron is Clan Redeem. Shortly after the raid went live, various teams started battling it out to conquer the lengthy run, and you won't believe how quickly they beat the raid after it went live.

Gamespot picked up the news after Bungie congratulated the Clan Redeem on Twitter for being the first team ever to complete the Wrath of the Machine raid. Within just 21 hours of the raid being made available, Clan Redeem managed to get in, figure out all the different moving parts and wrap it up in record time.

The reason this is news is because of how difficult it's been for some players to get through the Wrath of the Machine raid.

The new Destiny raid takes place in Russia on Earth. The raid is broken down into multiple tiers and stages, requiring a lot of teamwork, a lot of effort and a lot of time. Some additional teams and clans have already attempted to tackle the new raid, with various recordings of the sessions going up that average anywhere between four hours and six hours worth of play time. Yes, grinding through a raid in Destiny is almost equivalent to putting in a full day's worth of work.

Bungie had taken a lot of time to try to revamp and overhaul the way the raid system works in order to make it as challenging as possible to the most hardcore of hardcore Destiny gamers. Previously, raids like Crota's End or The King's Fall saw players learning the basics of the raid and mastering it within record time. Bungie wanted to make people work for it this time around.

Each of the boss encounters in the new raid are designed to have multi-layered mechanics. This means that players are forced to learn a series of different patterns and mechanics for each of the bosses in order to defeat them.

In one instance players have to work together to defeat a boss that has multiple shields and defenses, requiring bombs to diminish his shields and expert timing to avoid encountering wipes.

There were similar challenges and obstacles present in The King's Fall during the last big expansion for Destiny, but this time around Bungie decided to go all out in ensuring that not only was a lot of teamwork required but a lot of patience, timing and acute attention as well.

Despite all the obstacles that the developers set down in the pathway of the most ardent and skilled Destiny clans, it still wasn't enough to keep them from beating the new raid in record time.

One of the ways that Bungie was able to get more out of the game is because the new expansion is exclusive to the Xbox One and PS4, opposite of the other raid dungeons that were included in the various expansion packs for Destiny. The extra horsepower and RAM was definitely not wasted on the Wrath of the Machine. Now it's just a matter of other clans joining in on the action to see if they can set a new record time for beating the raid.

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