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Mafia 3

Mafia III is set to arrive on Oct. 7 but, in case you need some extra convincing to tackle the hard streets of new Bordeaux, the developers have released a new gameplay demo video showing off nearly 20 minutes of in-game action.

Only a week and a half out from Mafia III's unusual Friday launch on Oct. 7, now would be a good time to finalize whether or not you want to pick up Hangar 13 and 2K Games' latest entry in the organized crime-infused series. It's going to be a crowded fall but, based on what we're seeing in this latest gameplay footage, Mafia III is making a strong argument for why you might want to carve out some time for Lincoln Clay's quest for revenge.

This demo of the game was available for folks to try out at Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show but, if you weren't on the showroom floor at either of those events, you missed out on all of the action. Thankfully, now you can see the demo unfold for yourself, with Clay on the heels of one of Sal Marcano's underbosses, Tony Derazio.

As a quick recap, Clay had his entire family wiped out before being adopted into a new family on the streets of New Bordeaux. Returning from war, he discovers that a new crime syndicate has moved into the city and decided to clear out the competition, namely just about everyone important in Clay's life. Here's a tip to you mobster types in the audience: If you're going to slaughter an entire criminal organization, make sure that the one guy you leave alive isn't a returning soldier who already had some serious family issues. Not the kind of dude you want to piss off.

The great thing about Mafia III is that it's an open world game that appears to let players take on missions however they see fit. You'll have some loose parameters for your missions, but how you go about achieving them is entirely up to you.

In the demo, we see one way in which Clay tracks down Derazio, but you'll be allowed to get creative once Mafia III actually launches next month. As the notice from 2K points out, you'll be able to seek "revenge your way." Whether you want to go in guns blazing or stalk your targets and dispatch them quietly, it's up to you. In other words, whether you're a fan of Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed, the game is built to accommodate your preferred method of dispatching your foes, as well as plenty of options somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the gameplay demo in the comments below, specifically how you're feeling about that poor goon who gets shot in the ass, point blank, with a shotgun. Not a good way to go, we think.

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