If there's one thing team at Respawn Entertainment has tried to make abundantly clear about Titanfall 2, it's that their upcoming FPS mech game will have an actual campaign this time around. And for the unconvinced, here's a new single player cinematic trailer that boasts some of the narrative details.

To say the original Titanfall did not have a campaign wouldn't be completely fair. While playing the multiplayer modes, you occasionally got snippets of dialogue revealing what was going on behind the scenes involving various units, battles, etc.

The reason I was so vague just now was because that's how much I remember about the original game's "story." It was planned as a way to bridge a campaign with the multiplayer experience and, let's face it, the whole thing came off half-cocked.

For Titanfall 2, though, Respawn has stated that players will be able to enjoy a completely separate story mode, filling in actual details about the world and its factions in a way that should finally give the series a sense of place. And while we're not expecting a 20-hour epic campaign, we feel pretty confident in declaring, pre-launch, that it'll be a step in the right direction. We know this because, clocking in at just under three minutes, the single player trailer for Titanfall 2 already gives us more information about the game world than the entirety of the first game.

Launched this week, the Titanfall 2 campaign trailer is all about the pilots and their Titans. As explained in the posting, pilots share a special bond with their mechs. Players will have the opportunity to experience this unique relationship when Titanfall 2 finally launches on Oct. 28, so we'd recommend diving into the campaign before tackling the online battles.

The campaign trailer opens with a bunch of soldiers attacking a heavily fortified facility that appears damn-near impenetrable. There's a lot of gunfire and explosions, as well as a few grunts dying to pave the way for that all-important pilot.

We see the pilot go street-rat-crazy on a bunch of soldiers while a voiceover explains how amazing they are.

What follows is a pretty rad look at some of the Titanfall abilities in action, one after the other. The pilot runs along a wall before diving through a window. Inside the building, he sends a hologram forward to draw fire while he immediately breaks right to clear out a room of opponents.

As the VO talks about the bond between a pilot and a Titan, we see our hero dive out of a window in order to be snagged midair by his metallic counterpart. Now in the cockpit, the pilot unleashes even more damage before squaring off against a couple of enemy Titans.

The final minute of the Titanfall 2 trailer is full of those story details we've been talking about, and they do a nice job of setting the stage for the game.

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