Ubisoft has been taking a more reserved approach with how they promote their upcoming games like Ghost Recon Wildlands. Instead of over-hyping them with lots of promos they've employed a more focused tactic, highlighting the unique and interesting elements of gameplay, such as the stealth mechanics in the upcoming Wildlands.

The video was recently posted up over on the official Ubisoft YouTube channel, where Dominic Butler, the lead game designer on Ghost Recon Wildlands, walks gamers through 12 minutes of stealth-oriented gameplay.

The video starts inside of a helicopter, where the four main characters are being played by four developers in co-op mode. They parachute out of the helicopter and land outside of a camp where they're set to take on a night mission during a thunderstorm.

Butler explains that the objective of this particular mission is to steal a cartel truck and tagging enemies so they know who their targets are and how to avoid getting involved in an unnecessary firefight.

They explain that the synch-firing is making a return in Ghost Recon Wildlands, enabling gamers to tag enemies and take them down in synchronicity.

Butler explains that C4, diversion grenades, and flashbangs, are just a few of the available weapons. In the video, they set down some C4 on a tank to set up a preemptive escape route. It's also explained that there are flyable drones in the game that can be used to scout areas in Ghost Recon Wildlands, including marking important mission targets like power generators that can be disabled to kill the power in a camp or facility.

Killing the power will alert the guards, however, so they don't do that in the video above. Instead, they use the cover of night to take advantage of NPC routines, which is something that happens in the game frequently. In one example an NPC guard who would usually be up and about patrolling the area, is instead asleep in the bed. This allows the players to take out the guard, eventually disable the power generator and get their target out of the building.

They also explain that there are multiple factions within Ghost Recon Wildlands, such as rebels. The group frees some of the rebels to use them as a distraction against the cartel members while they extract their target.

The whole mission plays out like something you would expect from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It's actually really impressive what Ubisoft has accomplished and seems to have the right mixture of intensity, player-agency, and openness to keep the gameplay looking fresh. I could see myself replaying this game a lot.

They mention that there are more than 60 vehicles in the game, as well as more than 50 weapons with hundreds of different customizable options and modifications for each weapon. That's not to mention that the guns are designed to mimic their real-life counterparts, including things like dispersion, bullet-drop, and spread.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is set to launch for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC in early 2017.

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