Oculus Touch

The Oculus Rift has had a very media-salient year thus far, making headlines for one thing or another. Recently, they've managed to detail something that a lot of gamers have been curious about: the release date and the price for the Oculus Touch motion controllers.

During the Oculus Connect 3, which is taking place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California between October 5th and October 7th, they revealed during the keynote press conference that was live-streamed to the public that the Oculus Touch controllers will be available at participating retailers for $199.99 and they will ship starting on December 6th. Unfortunately, that's just after the holiday sales rush that usually takes place throughout November but they will arrive ahead of Christmas, making them a perfect gift for the resident technophile.

On the upside, however, if you were planning on picking up a pair of the motion controlled devices for the Oculus Rift, you can place a pre-order on the Oculus Touch motion controllers starting next week on October 10th. I imagine the pre-orders will go very, very quickly given how highly anticipated the controllers are from VR enthusiasts who already own the Oculus Rift headset.

Given how expensive the controllers are, it would be a shame if they didn't come with some kind of software. Thankfully they are bundled in with the Oculus version of Wii Sports called VR Sports Challenge, a game designed for the Rift that offers gamers various mini-game challenges that can be played using the new Oculus Touch controllers. The game is actually kind of cool looking, featuring various mini-game challenges set within three different sports, including hockey, basketball and football. Dare I say, it looks like a collection of some fun games.

Another VR title, called The Unspoken, is also bundled into the package. This is not based on the 2015 movie of the same name but is actually an arena combat game taking place in a dark urban city where players will use psychic powers to battle against a supernatural entity. It's a quickie VR title made by Insomniac Games, who has been pumping out a lot of VR games this year.

Additionally, you'll need a room scale sensor for games that require you to move around within a set space. The Oculus Rift doesn't automatically come bundled with the lighthouse sensors that are bundled into the $799 package of the HTC Vive, so you will be able to pick up the room sensor for $79.99.

I'm sure some of you out there are cringing and frowning at the way the pricing for the Oculus Rift peripherals are really starting to pile up on each other.

The $599 price tag on the standard Oculus Rift with the $199 Oculus Touch motion controllers and the $79 lighthouse sensors would bring the total to $880. That's $20 shy of $900 and $80 over what you would pay for the HTC Vive to get all of those peripherals and features included.

However, the fact that you can buy Rift gear piecemeal might make it more enticing to gamers on a budget. The $600 headset here, the $200 Touch controllers there, and the $80 room sensor down the line. You can look to pre-order the Oculus Touch controllers next week and expect them to be delivered to your doorstep after December 6th.

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