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Following some recent changes across all forms of Rockstar Games' social media, we're either about to get some Red Dead Redemption news or the developer of the beloved series has decided to initiate a new and cruel form of torture.

It all started, as is so often the case these days, on Twitter. First thing this morning, Rockstar Games updated their Twitter account with a single image. There was no comment or explanation, just a look at their familiar logo set upon a crimson background. Fans of Red Dead Redemption will recognize that particular color pallet as going hand in hand with the wild west series, leading many to speculate that some RDR-related news is incoming.

Just a teaser image on Twitter would be more than enough to get buzz going, but then the developer took things one step further by updating their Twitter profile picture and their Facebook profile image to match the red on black logo. Finally, over on the developer's blog, they posted the exact same damn image that appears to be hinting at something related to Red Dead Redemption.

To be clear, not one word has been uttered by Rockstar or their publishing partner, Take Two, pertaining to what these images are all about. But since they've posted them first thing in the morning on a Sunday, we're anticipating something resembling actual news sometime later this week.

This isn't the first bit of news to come out of the series this year, either. For starters, a leaked map for what was said to be Red Dead Redemption 2 made its way across the net earlier this year, with the original Red Dead Redemption popping up as a backwards compatible game on Xbox One a few months later. This past week, PlayStation gamers on the PS4 gained access to Red Dead Revolver, the first and almost completely unrelated game in the series.

Some have speculated that this might not be tied to a proper sequel so much as an enhanced release of Red Dead Redemption on modern consoles. However, I'm not convinced. Developers who release those kinds of remasters don't typically have the original version available in any form on current generation consoles and, as mentioned above, RDR was made available on Xbox One a few months back. Can you imagine the outcry from folks who picked up the standard version of the game only to find out a short while later that a remaster was on the way? We're not saying it's impossible, but we figure that option is pretty unlikely.

With any luck, we'll be getting some legitimate Red Dead Redemption news in the coming days. Either that or, like I said in the opening, Rockstar is pulling a trick, rather than a treat, this Halloween season.

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