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The Destiny train is still running full steam ahead, with the latest update to the game set to keep dedicated players busy for quite a bit longer. Get ready for a new mode and more difficult challenges, Guardians.

The last major expansion to Destiny, Rise of Iron, dropped a few weeks back, giving players a new chunk of campaign to work through, a big new region to explore, some new multiplayer maps and modes, a couple new Strikes and, yep, even a new Raid to challenge the most heroic of Guardians.

Still, folks are always wanting an extra dose of difficulty, which is why the latest update to Destiny will add a Heroic Mode to the new Raid, Wrath of the Machine. For those of you who feel like you've got the Aksis battle all figured out, Bungie would like to beg to differ. Heroic Mode should up the challenge by a sound degree in Wrath of the Machine, with all sorts of extra boosters for the baddies and fresh new ways for a party of six to completely wipe.

However, Bungie isn't going to expect you to take on this new tough-as-nails version of the Raid without a little bit of help. With update 2.4.1, your Guardian's max light level will also increase, meaning you can boost your gear and guns even further in order to stand a better chance going toe to toe with the game's biggest threats.

This new update offering Heroic Mode for Wrath of the Machine and a higher light level is set to go live Oct. 18. At that time, players will be able to grind their way all the way up to 400 light, a pretty sizable increase from the current top tier of 385. If we had to guess, that nice, round number will likely be the final boost to Light seen in Destiny, so enjoy the climb while it lasts.

In case you were wondering how Destiny players will earn that new light level, various in-game activities will now produce even more powerful gear. For starters, Strike Hoards, Nightfall, Exotic Engrams, Trials of Osiris, Crucible and Iron Banner events will all give you rewards up to 400 Light. If you aren't ready for those challenges, then the Archon's Forge, the Heroic SIVA Strike playlist, as well as Legendary Engrams will now go up to 385 Light. Finally, the game's Rare Engrams and regular SIVA Strike Playlist should provide you with the goods needed to hit 365. What that means for average players is more options to get up to higher levels without having to try and muscle your way through too-tough challenges.

Also, based on player feedback, some in-game activities will reward higher level gear on average than in the past few weeks, and both Artifacts and Ghosts will now drop more regularly, meaning less waiting around for those final pieces of the puzzle to finally boost your level.

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