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So, apparently the folks at THQ Nordic are preparing to go to war, as the developer has announced a recent purchase of all of NovaLogic's franchises, which just so happen to include a heck of a lot of military games.

You know how the leadership of one country will start to get nervous if the leadership of another just starts buying military equipment and rolling out, say, a fleet of new tanks? They aren't doing it for any particular reason, of course, and they certainly aren't planning on declaring war anytime soon. They just, you know, wanted a whole bunch of jets and assault rifles.

Well THQ Nordic is doing the video games version of that, scooping up a whole bunch of military games in one big purchase.

The announcement went live at the developer's blog, where they outlined a number of the games that were included in the deal. Here's a rundown:

-Delta Force series

-Comanche series

-Joint Operations series

-Armored Fist series

-Tachyon: The Fringe

-F-22 series

-F-16 series

Also included in the purchase was the NovaLogic Trademark, "and more," which we assume means various other game series and assets.

While these titles might not have gone toe to toe with games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, they certainly had their own following of loyal fans that THQ Nordic is probably hoping to bring along for the ride. THQ Nordic refers to the roster of games as "partly forgotten, but classic game IPs," pointing out that the big gets were the first-person military titles like Delta Force and Joint Ops.

The announcement goes on to point out that many of these series haven't been around for quite some time, with their prime being from as far back as the late 80s to the early 2000s. In other words, if they're able to produce something solid here, they could be looking to capitalize on the nostalgia of old-school gamers while building a brand new fan base of folks who have never played these games.

Business and Product Development Director for THQ Nordic, Reinhard Pollice, points out in the announcement that these games helped set the stage for modern military shooters, boasting strategic action, first-person gunplay and vehicular combat before these types of experiences became the stuff of mega-hit, annualized franchises. It'll be interesting to see what THQ Nordic does with the lot of them. While pretty much everything tied to NovaLogic seems to be tied to this purchase, we're guessing that a few cherry-picked games will be pulled from the pack and given new life.

Which has gotten us wondering about a couple of things. For starters, do any of our readers have fond memories of playing any of these games back in the day and, if so, which series would you like to see make a comeback first? Let us know in the comments below.

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