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Daydream View

Google rolled out the complete launch line-up, release date and regional pricing for their new VR headset, the Daydream View. It's a cheaply priced piece of tech designed to compete against Samsung's Gear VR, and now you'll know exactly when and where to buy it.

Over on the official Google blog, they announced that the Daydream View will launch in the United States next week on November 10th for $79.99 at Verizon and Best Buy. The headset will also be made available in Canada for $99.99 at Bell, Rogers, Telus and Best Buy, and in the U.K., for £69, in Germany for €69, and in Australia for $119.

The launch line-up is steep. I'm sort of impressed with how many original programs and games they have prepped and ready for the November 10th roll-out, including edutainment such as Star Chart VR, which allows you to explore the solar system and examine real-time space simulation. There's the Wall Street Journal VR app that allows you to interact with 360-degree videos and illustrations based on WSJ content. The New York Times in VR will also feature three docu-dramas for the Daydream View, and Google Street View will round out the productivity and edutainment apps.

If you're interested in watching movies or television, there's the YouTube VR and Hulu VR apps that will allow you to actually watch some of your favorite films and TV shows in VR. I'm a little surprised they didn't try to nab Netflix for the launch of the Daydream View, because that would have been a big thing for them.

They also have a series of video games available for launch as well, including simple games like Home Run Derby MLB, and diorama puzzle games like Mekorama, where you help a robot through 50 different mechanical puzzles.

They have a fantasy mini-golf game in the form of Wonderglade, and interactive movies like Invasion!, set to launch for the VR headset. I know the common thought is that these are all small fanfare with nothing really enticing to offer VR enthusiasts, but Google does have a few hard-hitting games in their line-up right out of the launch gate.

J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them will be made available on November 10th and will offer gamers a way to explore the fictional world within the realm of VR. There's also a sequel to GunJack, another VR game that released last year for Samsung's Gear VR. How fitting is it that the sequel will be available on Google's Daydream View?

GunJack is a first-person, arcade space shooter set within CCP's EVE Online universe. So there's at least something there for the more hardcore gamer.

And speaking of hardcore gaming... there's also The Need For Speed: No Limits. The game is a VR port of the mobile game that came out a while ago. EA didn't really put much effort into marketing Need For Speed: No Limits, and it was mostly relegated to being talked about strictly within the mobile sphere.

One game that kind of stands out from the herd is Hunter's Gate, which is a new IP centered around hunters being tasked with defending their homeland from a demon invasion. All of these titles and the Google Daydream View will be available next week on November 10th.

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