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Watch Dogs 2 isn't due to drop until November 15th but the launch trailer is already available a week ahead of the game's release. The trailer focuses on the story of how Marcus Holloway, the new protagonist of the sequel, managed to get dragged into a conspiracy involving ctOS 2.0.

The trailer was posted up over on the official Ubisoft YouTube channel. It starts off with a big 'ole chase scene down the streets of San Francisco. They highlight some of the carnage players can cause on the road using quick-hack tactics while also highlighting some of the game's car physics and destruction.

Keep in mind that the trailer is expertly cut to give the game a more cinematic view of how the car chases play out. The actual in-game car physics of Watch Dogs 2 is a lot more stilted and arcadey than what they portray in the launch trailer.

Nevertheless, the trailer moves forward and gives us the sympathetic Marcus character who reveals that he was labeled as a probable threat based on an algorithmic assessment, putting him in the cross-hairs of danger just because he had hacking skills.

The trailer does a fine job of setting up the story narrative for Watch Dogs 2, which is more in line with 1990s counter-culture anarchy than the more straight-laced privacy invasion angle that the first Watch Dogs focused on.

Marcus explains that DedSec -- a not so underground hacking group -- are intent on tearing down the wall. They also explain in the trailer that the goal in the game is to perform various hacking feats and disruptive public behavior against the technocracy to earn followers on social media and get a bunch of people to download the DedSec app. The goal is to allow people to use the app to lend DedSec their processing power through a folding-at-home technique so that they can eventually take down the new ctOS.

Watch Dogs 2 sort of takes on a new-school persona of the movie Hackers starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller.

I haven't been sold on the game at all, but I do have to admit that Ubisoft's marketing team did a fan-darn-tastic job with the launch trailer, showcasing the new parkour techniques that Marcus can utilize, as well as the new melee and traversal methods made available in Watch Dogs 2.

Another neat feature in the game that they didn't have time to cover in the trailer is the 3D printed weapons feature. This is actually really cool, because gamers can customize and make their own weapons in Watch Dogs 2 using a 3D printer, which is something that some enthusiasts do in real life.

The hacktion game from Ubisoft is due to drop on November 15th for Xbox One and PS4 and will be available digitally on PC through Steam and Uplay starting November 29th.

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