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Mod support was once a dying trend; something only supported by indie games and off-shoot communities who wanted to dabble in extending the life of a title. Well, the fringe hobby has now become a widely supported feature for some games, including a popular three-year-old title, which just received mod support.

Volition Software announced over on the Steam page for Saints Row IV that the game now has official mod support with a newly opened Steam Workshop page. They've been toiling away at the feature for a while in order to give gamers an opportunity to easily and efficiently import mods into Saints Row IV using the Steam Workshop.

Volition mentions on the page that they've been working with the modding communities for Saints Row in order to make the implementation as smooth and as seamless as possible.

Modding for the Saints Row games has been a big thing since Saints Row 2. The game received a lot of cool mod support due to how close the series was at the time to Grand Theft Auto. There were a lot of skin mods, mesh alteration mods, plenty of NPC modification mods, and other knick-knacks here and there to improve the overall usability and quality of life features within the title.

Given the drastically altered nature of Saints Row: The Third, modding wasn't quite as prevalent for the game, but it still existed. There were a lot of under-the-hood changes made, as well as plenty of alterations to the game's NPC behavior, weapons, and vehicles. And despite Saints Row IV being loaded up with tons of DLC, Volition found it within their heart to allow gamers to mod the crap out of the game.

The Workshop page isn't very large at the moment, but there are already some mesh and weapon mods available, such as a flamethrower guitar, which allows users to play rock music while blasting off a short range flamethrower at enemies. It's like that flamethrower dude from Mad Max: Fury Road.

There are also some skin textures, custom scripts and more under-the-hood modifications made to the game that have already appeared on the Workshop for Saints Row IV.

You can easily get your hands on the mods by heading to the Steam store page for the game and either clicking on the Workshop tab on the app page, or by clicking on the Workshop icon in the description on the store page.

You'll get a nice list of some of the new and popular mods for the game, and you can easily add or remove them by clicking on the mod and then clicking on the "Subscribe" button. You can remove them by clicking "Unsubscribe".

Modding for Saints Row IV could go either way: it could build up a strong community of cool new mods, or it could end up falling flat. A lot of it will depend on community support and how well the mods gain popularity outside of the Workshop arena.

To help celebrate this new update, Volition has knocked the price down on Saints Row IV to 75% off for the entire week as part of the Autumn Sale on Steam. So you can pick up a vanilla copy of the game for only $3.74, and then enjoy the mods that come pouring out of the community.

Also, a quick heads-up: there is a reported save game bug currently affecting a number of players, and the Steam Controller no longer works in the game for some players. So hopefully there's a quick-fix released to address those issues as quickly as possible.

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