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White House Game-A-Thon

There are a variety of live-streams that happen all over the place, all the time. Some of those live-streams take place in odd locations- or in the case of one particular live-stream that's taking place today, it's located at one of the most unusual places you could imagine.

According to Gamespot, there's a live-stream from the White House in Washington D.C. The all-day event was made possible thanks to basketball star Shaquille O'Neal. The live-stream is taking place over on, and it's part of an initiative to get people to register to adjust their healthcare plans through the government website.

The all day event, running from 1PM PST or 4PM EST, features various Twitch celebrities participating in the White House Competitive Gaming Event, from Elspeth to LifeWithLaughs, and many others in between.

They also have a Rocket League event that will include some top players competing in the event from the e-sports league, giving gamers a real show-stealing match to watch. Additionally, there will also be special commentary from Twitch user Goldenboy.

The most high profile item on the card is probably the one-on-one match between FGC superstar and EVO champion Justin Wong going head-to-head with longtime FGC member and commentator Mike Ross. The two will go at it in Capcom's Street Fighter V, where legendary fighting game guru Gootecks will be providing commentary of the showdown. It's the sort of thing most people have to wait all year to see during EVO, or unless they hit up the stops during the Capcom Pro Tour.

The comment section on the article is pretty sparse, and mostly revolves around people critical of the healthcare integration into the Twitch live-stream event. Others thought the whole thing was a joke, and a few more broke out into criticizing the American political system. Only one person in the comment section had anything to actually say about the Twitch stream.

The thing is, it's definitely more-so geared toward getting people interested in the healthcare system offered by the Obama administration; the gaming events lined up aren't all that appealing save for Rocket League and Street Fighter V. If you're not into either game then there's little reason to tune-in.

Of course, there will also be Twitch personalities present, and for people who are interested in seeing that take place you'll be able to get in on the action throughout the stream.

It would have seemed like a great opportunity to throw some speedruns in there, get some high-impact competition going with some King of Fighters XIV, or roll out some motorsport interest with competitive Project CARS races. Heck, they could have included something a little newer like Ubisoft's Steep or some competitive rounds of Watch Dogs 2's multiplayer. It just seems like a bit of a missed opportunity, featuring older titles and tossed together match-ups during a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live-stream gaming from the White House.

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing what they have to offer, you can check out all the available content that's going on throughout the day over on the Get Covered stream from Twitch.

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