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Destiny: Rise of Iron

Blizzard may have set the gaming world ablaze in the social media space for the holiday themed Overwatch event, but Bungie isn't far behind. They're getting into the holiday spirit with their own festive event for Destiny.

Bungie revealed that they have a new event for Destiny: Rise of Iron called "The Dawning". The event started recently (on December 13th) and was detailed in a recent YouTube video from the developers, as they gave a quick rundown of what you can expect once you dive into the new content.

The first major change is the fact that Bungie altered the city hubs so that they're now themed around Christmas and have a snowy motif throughout. Icicles hang from awnings, while snow covers the steps, and lights adorn the plaza from the poles to the spire.

They've also brought back Sparrow racing to Destiny, complete with tricks and stunts to perform while you take on massive jumps and barrel through the new courses for multiple players. The Sparrow racing first landed in Destiny a while back before The Rise of Iron expansion pack dropped. In fact, the Sparrow racing was featured in the game a year ago, around this time in 2015.

They didn't just bring back the Sparrow racing, though, they also decided to improve it with all new customization features. This allows gamers to acquire and equip new Sparrow skins as well as outfit the rides with all new horns that you can honk while you race. I can only imagine the people who will troll others with the incessant honking.

Some of the dungeons and areas have also been upgraded, including the mines, which see all new Vex enemies and upgraded adversaries to face off against in the game.

Of course, upgraded enemies also means new weapons to loot and exotic gifts to acquire in order to meet the requirements of taking down the challenging foes. There are new skins for some weapons, new elemental effects for various weapons, and a few extra emotes to help get your Guardian in a festive mood.

According to Eurogamer, the new Strike scoring system implemented into the game will be a permanent fixture, even after the Christmas event wraps up.

There are also gift boxes and presents available to loot in order to unlock some of these new items, armor and weapons. You will need Destiny: Rise of Iron installed, though. The Christmas event won't kick into gear if you're simply playing on the vanilla version of the game.

With all that said, though, you can actually take a look at what the new festive content is like along with the new emotes, head accessories, armor schemes, Sparrow motifs and weapon skins with the trailer below.

You'll only have a limited time to get in on the Christmas goods because this event, "The Dawning", will only run between December 13th and January 3rd. So yeah... you don't have a whole lot of time to enjoy the mini-event(s).

You can get your hands on Destiny: Rise of Iron for the Xbox One or PS4 right now. Bungie brought an end to support for the Xbox 360 and PS3 with the release of the last big expansion pack back in September.

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