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At long last, Frog Fractions 2 has been discovered and, just as the game's developer promised, it released in probably the most nontraditional fashion to date.

If you want to play Frog Fractions 2, then you'll need to boot up the game Glittermitten Grove, which launched for PC just a couple of weeks ago via Steam. If that seems like an odd way to launch a game -- buried within another game and all -- then you probably need a little history lesson.

Back in 2014, Frog Fractions 2 hit Kickstarter. Quickly reaching its goal, developer Jim Crawford announced that the game would not be launched in the regular fashion. The original Frog Fractions is available to play in your web browser but, for the sequel, Crawford explained that there would be no big launch announcement, that the game's name would not be tied, and that you would have to find it hidden somewhere else.

As Gamespot is reporting, Crawford explained that anyone who Kickstarted the game would receive their keys to play Frog Fractions 2 once someone figured out where it was hidden. As of this week, Crawford has confirmed that it has indeed been found in the completely unrelated Steam game, Glittermitten Grove. Apparently a group calling themselves The Game Detectives got to digging when something in the game's update notes put a ping on their radar. Once they started searching, they figured out that you could access Frog Fractions 2 by two different means. For starters, while playing Glittermitten Grove, you will eventually reach a door hidden in the sky that, when entered, boots up Frog Fractions 2. If you're feeling pressed for time, you can also use in-game fireworks to dig a hole in the ground. Doing so will also reveal a hidden door and, once you enter, yep, Frog Fractions 2.

If you backed the game on Kickstarter or through the late crowdfunding options, then you will soon receive a Steam key to Glittermitten Grove. So on top of Frog Fractions, you're getting a whole extra game at no extra charge. For folks who just so happened to buy Glittermitten Grove and were waiting for their Frog Fractions code, though, we imagine there's going to be a little frustration when they receive a code for a game they already own.

We know that other games have been hidden or openly playable in other games but, unless we're mistaken, this is the first time a game has been flat-out launched from within another game. We're sure you'll let us know in the comments if we've got that little piece of trivia wrong.

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