For Honor

Ubisoft will be giving some special treatment to their new IP, For Honor. The upcoming hack-and-slash, alternate reality medieval game will have a limited Collector's Edition made available, and they detailed everything that you get in the package.

IGN rolled out the basics of the Collector's Edition, which includes the Gold Edition of the For Honor game, premium packaging in a specially made box, an origins note that delves deeper into the game's alternate history mythology, an exclusive Apollyon lithograph, and the extremely impressive 14-inch Apollyon statue made by Project TriForce. The limited Collector's Edition is available exclusively from GameStop for pre-order only at the not-so-cheap price of $219.99.

For those of you out of the loop, Apollyon is the main warlord and villain of For Honor. She's an evil, evil lady who thirsts for the blood of war. In order to satiate her bloodlust with her Blackstone Legion, she disrupts the world and thins the resources, forcing the Knights, Samurai and Vikings to fight for what little scraps they can amongst each other. This forces a thousand year war between the three factions, pitting them up against each other as they each try to vie for dominance over the land.

All the meanwhile, Apollyon continues to grow her Blackstone forces, devouring all in her wake of destruction. She breeds war with chaos, and feeds on the essence of man's desperation through his need to kill in order to survive. Yeah, she's a bad mama jama.

As the lead villain of For Honor, it's not hard to see what direction the story will go in. It's likely that by the end of the game, the three factions will team up to face off against Apollyon and her legion. Even still, the Blackstone faction has a really cool design, featuring a charred steel look with layered plating from head to toe. The shoulder pauldron on the left side sports a wicked sharp bladed indentation, which would basically catch a word or axe if someone attempted to make an upward strike under her arm. It's both an intricately cool design that's also functional. The spikes on top are more for show, though.

The For Honor villain also features a full face plate with spiked plated boots, and a chainmail dress underneath. The sword is fashioned for a legend, featuring detailed metalwork on the guard and pommel, and jagged ridges down the fuller base of the blade.

Overall, the statue looks good. I particularly like the design of the Blackstone faction, and hopefully they'll be unlockable in the full version of For Honor. But then again, knowing today's market, gamers will likely have to pay to play as them.

At the moment, Ubisoft is holding closed beta tests for For Honor, so the game is making headway leading up toward its full release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 14th, 2017.

The hack-and-slash melee game will feature both a robust single-player campaign mode and a variety of multiplayer PvP modes. Unfortunately, the game will be always-on, so that's something to consider before you decide to pre-order For Honor.

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