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A whole bunch of tidbits concerning Mass Effect: Andromeda hit the internet this weekend, including details about how the game will handle post-launch DLC. It's an unexpected move, but a welcome one.

The folks over at GameSpot were lurking on BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn's Twitter page over the weekend and discovered a handful of details concerning Andromeda as responses to questions from series fans. The biggest reveal of all was the fact that the newest Mass Effect game, set to launch this March, will not have a season pass for DLC.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Responding to a direct question concerning the game's potential season pass, Flynn said, quite simply, "Nope." That's not the most surprising of news, as more and more developers/publishers are starting to rethink the post-launch model that has been in practice for many years. Folks gaming on Titanfall 2, for instance, were able to fork over their $60 for the game proper and not have to worry about dropping another chunk of change to get "the best deal" on a year's worth of DLC. Instead, that game is offering much of the post-launch content for free, with players able to spend money on things like cosmetic items. Ubisoft has also stated plans to incorporate a universal shift in DLC practices for its games, stating that future content for its games will actually earn the player's money rather than being a pre-planned formula of content that sometimes should have been on the disc in the first place.

We don't doubt that there are plans for post-launch content for Andromeda, but it's kind of refreshing to hear that BioWare has not necessarily planned it out or priced it at this point. We understand the appeal of a season pass from a publishing standpoint, but something feels a bit off about deciding what will go on the disc and what,you will offer players as additional content over the next 12 months. Sean Passes also sell expensively and gamers are expected to fork over the cash before ever revealing details about what that DLC will actually offer.

Again, DLC isn't out of the cards for Andromeda, as Flynn explained that the team will talk more about their post-launch details at a later date. With the game set to launch in just a couple of months, it's nice to see the focus put on the main game instead of the other things players can spend their money on.

The final piece of Twitter-mined info is that Andromeda will not support Arabic at launch. Flynn said it can be looked into as a future patch, but the language will not be an option when the game first launches.

We're open to your thoughts on all of this in the comments below.

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