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Mighty No. 9

Comcept's Mighty No. 9 came out way back in June of 2016. The Kickstarted project was originally crowdfunded back in 2013. The problem is that the backers who put in some hefty funds to help bring the game to life are still waiting for their rewards.

According to Siliconera, some backers who contributed toward the higher tiers of the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter are still sitting around waiting to receive the promised goods. So, what's the hold up? Well, it's apparently a mixing pot of problems, where the company Fangamer -- designated to fulfill some of the rewards for backers -- hasn't been able to carry out their end of the deal because they haven't received the proper assets from Comcept yet.

Originally, the special backer rewards for those who pledged above a certain amount were supposed to be sent out in 2015. These special rewards included posters, shirts and plushies based on the enemies in Mighty No. 9. Fangamer was supposed to deliver these items based on the assets provided by Comcept. They've managed to ship out some of these rewards but the rest are still delayed.

According to an e-mail one backer received from Fangamer after inquiring about the delays, Fangamer informed them that backers can expect the rest of the shipments to make their way out by early 2017. The e-mail was shared on NeoGaf recently where Fangamer stated...

The remaining physical rewards are currently in production, and while we can provide estimates based on our (Fangamer's) internal time-frames (e.g. Early-2017), these estimates are based on the assumption that we will receive all required assets from Comcept, and unfortunately we currently do not know when they will give them to us. Therefore, until we receive everything we need from Comcept, we cannot give a specific shipping time-frame just yet.

This is really unfortunate for people who did pledge more than $250 in hopes of receiving those backer rewards. This also definitely dampens the appeal of crowdfunding when it looks as if high-profile projects can't deliver what they promised. Worse yet is that Comcept has been absolutely dead silent about the whole affair across social media and their Kickstarter page since September, 2016.

Of course, gamers shouldn't necessarily see this poor example of Mighty No. 9 as the de-facto standard of Kickstarter projects. There are still games out there that have done quite well thanks to crowdfunding and have actually delivered (and then some) what they promised, such as Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, which has received nothing but praise form its backers. And then there's Wasteland 2, which was another high-profile game that has become a beloved entry in the turn-based, post-apocalyptic RPG genre. Shadowrun Returns is another game that delivered and then took it a step further by expanding on the entire paradigm with some awesome expansion packs.

Unfortunately, there are some projects like Mighty No. 9, which not only underwhelmed in what was delivered but also hasn't fully fulfilled backer rewards... yet. Hopefully Fangamer's estimates are correct and backers will be able to receive their goodies sometime this year.

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