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Nintendo Switch

Tonight Nintendo finally pulled back the curtain on their long anticipated new console the Nintendo Switch. We saw a lot of things we liked, and then the presentation ended and we saw behind the curtain. While the price point of the Nintendo Switch looks like a reasonable enough number, that's only if you never buy a single accessory because they're all much more expensive than you'd think.

It was nice when Nintendo didn't make us wait around to learn the price point pf the Switch. $299.99 is a very Nintendo price, and it was in the ballpark of what numerous rumors had implied it was going to be. However, when the presentation ended I went hunting for more information. What I discovered is that while the price point of the console is reasonable, the price of additional controllers is not. The Pro Controller, which will be the standard controller for most traditional gamers, is not included with any Switch standard bundle and will retail at $69.99. Not to be outdone, additional pairs of the Joy-Con controllers will go for $79.99. Left and right Joy-Con controllers are also available as individual units, for $49.99 each.

$80 for additional controllers. If you want to play the funny Arms boxing game with your best friend that will cost $80 on top of the price of the game itself. This is a very un-Nintendo sort of move. Generally, the company works hard to make their console products as inexpensive as possible, something they're usually able to do while still making money on their consoles. Apparently, the production cost of a Joy-Con is a lot more than we would have guessed.

After the presentation, it's clear that there's a lot of tech built into those controllers, but it's not simply the fact that they cost $80, it's that the market has grown to understand what a video game controller costs, and that cost is $59. Even Nintendo's version of a standard controller costs more than that.

I honestly don't know how many people deck out their consoles with a full complement of controllers these days, I haven't done that since the Xbox 360, but doing that here is going to make your Nintendo Switch a lot more expensive than the base price implies.

We've seen in some of the Nintendo Switch marketing material that for some games a pair of Joy-Con controllers can actually work as two separate controls. This is likely why they can be purchased as individual units. The problem is at this point we have no idea how many games will be able to take advantage of this functionality and how many will require both in order to be fully functional.

Does $80 for an extra controller cause you to think twice about the Nintendo Switch? Let us know if this is too much in the comments below.

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