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Injustice 2

With the release date for Injustice 2 fast approaching, there are still a bunch of pugilists who have yet to be revealed. NetherRealm has decided to ramp up the promotion of the game by unveiling new characters in quick succession, and they just revealed when they'll reveal the next character.

Gamespot is reporting that NetherRealm will release the next bit of info on the new character starting February 7th. The news will likely be accompanied with screenshots and a trailer, which has been the case recently when they've revealed some of the other cast of characters for Injustice 2. Ed Boon, creative director at NetherRealm, also revealed that the third wave of limited beta codes will also be sent out over the weekend for Xbox One and PS4 owners.

Unfortunately due to the beta being a limited test, they can't just open it up and let everyone in. Nevertheless, NetherRealm is focused on introducing more characters to the roster.

The last two major reveals were Damian Wayne taking over the cape and cowl of Robin following the tragic events that befell Tim Drake, and Black Canary. In the case of Damian Wayne, he just kind of popped onto the scene. We expected that Robin would make his way into the game after Nightwing made an appearance in the original Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Black Canary was recently revealed in an exclusive trailer where we got to see the screeching powers of the dangerous vixen who is usually associated with Green Arrow.

Canary was generally well received, both for her cool outfit and for the fact that she had a moveset very similar to Sonya Blade (Cage) from Mortal Kombat X. Canary has a lot more grounded attacks with some really vicious and well connected kick combos.

Coming off the recent reveal of the Canary for Injustice 2 it definitely makes you wonder who could actually be next, though? Some have speculated that maybe it will be a showcase rather than a reveal. We know that Bane and Poison Ivy are in the game but they haven't been formally revealed, so technically we could be getting videos of one or both of those characters.

Leaks of Poison Ivy and Bane's costumes have been revealed, and they look pretty generic. Thankfully, the highlight of Injustice 2 is being able to unlock new skins and armor for the characters so that you can modify and tweak your play experience to best suit your play-style. I'm really curious how well that's going to play into Injustice 2 appearing at EVO 2017, because those armor pieces can literally make or break your play-experience in the game. If they ban the armor upgrades then it could keep things even, but it could also put some characters at serious disadvantages, especially the characters with lower tier powers or no powers at all (like Robin or Green Arrow).

Speaking of Green Arrow, he could end up being one of the characters revealed on February 7th. While Poison Ivy and Bane are two characters we would probably all want to see in action, not having Green Arrow in the game could be a huge step back for the game. During the first two seasons of the CW show Green Arrow was a hot commodity, and Stephen Amell managed to make his way into the original Injustice as a special skin due to how popular he was on the show and due to a lot of fan requests. Some fans are worried he may not make an appearance in Injustice 2 at all.

If he does get revealed on February 7th that will put a lot of the worries to rest, but if he doesn't... well we still have up until May 16th to make the cut.

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