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Overwatch Player Proves Sombra Is A Badass After All

Any time a new character joins the Overwatch roster and they aren't a bona fide easy-to-use killer, they usually get tossed off to the side. This is what happened with Sombra, and a lot of players dislike when people pick her in ranked matches. Well, one player proved she's a badass after all. And, a word of warning: the following video contains lots of NSFW language.

Overwatch vet Bunsen put the video together on YouTube. It starts with a rather depressing collage of people absolutely hating on Bunsen for picking Sombra.

They rattle off all sorts of derogatory terms as they denigrate him just for playing as Sombra in a ranked match. Some people automatically assumed that they were going to lose because Sombra was on the team. Ouch.

The video includes some hilarious memes, where one segment includes players saying they're going to go to Blizzard to get Bunsen banned from playing Overwatch because he's playing as Sombra. A few people use voice chat to threaten him by saying he's been reported for playing as Sombra.

A short clip plays where he riffs on Blizzard attempting to ban him from playing the game, but it fails.

Things take a decidedly different turn by the two minute mark in the video above, because instead of a bunch of clips and montages of people taking verbal shots at Bunsen for playing as Sombra, there's a complete turnaround from his teammates as they begin praising him for his skills and tactics during the match.

We begin hearing phrases like "Sweet Sombra, bro" after he manages to take out three opponents who didn't see him blast in and take them out from behind. Another clip shows him taking out a Pharah hopping around, and a teammate chimes in with "You're like a really good Sombra."

There's even a payload escort mission where Bunsen informs his teammates that he's taken out the opposite team and that he's going to "win the game". It's not just fluff, this Overwatch veteran hops in front of the payload and literally carries it right into the end zone for the win, spawning a couple of chuckles and laughs of disbelief from his teammates who realize that he's the real deal.

Another clip features someone giving him props after the end of the match, saying "You're like the first good Sombra I've seen. Props to you."

So why all the hate for Overwatch's newest hacking hipster? Well, a lot of people say that she's just not very strong, and that she's a softy and her skills can't adequately be used to quickly take out multiple opponents. The reality is that Sombra is a very high-tier skill character and difficult to use. It's no different than Ganondorf or Little Mac in Super Smash Bros, or Zangief in Street Fighter V.

Once you learn the ins and outs to the character, the sky is the limit. In the case of Sombra and Bunsen, he proved that despite all the Sombra hate, he rose above it and took the underdog hacker to new heights by overcoming the odds and proving that she's one of the most badass characters on the Overwatch roster once you understand how to use her.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.