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You ever wonder what Portal would be like in real life? Well, you can stop wondering, one very creative and technically savvy developer has rigged up a little project for HoloLens that lets you complete experiments in your own home.

This spiffy HoloLens project comes to us from YouTube user KennyWdev, who decided to make an application for the hardware that includes the mechanics and physics of the beloved puzzle game, Portal.

Pretty impressive, right? The crazy thing is that KennyWdev doesn't really go into anything resembling details in the videos description in relation to the development process. They simply state that it was a side project, and that's basically it. Not bad for a "side project."

According to the folks at Polygon, the man behind this impressive program is Kenny Wang, the same guy responsible for the PokeLens project that used the HoloLens tech to make a Pokemon game unfold in reality.

We're seeing lots of impressive stuff pop up from time to time on the HoloLens scene but, sadly, the things are still out of reach of average consumers. The basic units start at $3,000, and, other than a handful of tech demos, you can't really "play" with the hardware yet. Here's hoping that Wang's creations help inspire more devs to get involved and that the price of the hardware will eventually start to come down.

As for this Portal rig, the video begins with Wang controlling a Companion Cube, picking up the beloved block with an in-game Portal gun and dropping it realistically on the floor. Wang then creates a pair of orange and blue portals and, just like in the game, the cube drops into one and pops out of the other.

Everything else works exactly like in the game, too. We see a Companion Cube caught in an infinite loop, as well as bouncing up and down through a pair of side-by-side portals. It's also impressive to see the Companion Cube fall through a portal and then roll down a flight of stairs, showing off the impressive tech running under the hood of HoloLens. The best scene, though, pulls a trick right out of the Portal playbook, as Wang places a portal behind a turret and then drops the cube through the opening to knock the sentry over.

This seems like the kind of thing we would be happy to mess around for hours at a time, and there's not even a game tied to it yet. That's what's so great about this new technology that's taking hold these days. From HoloLens to VR, even more mundane activities from video games become fresh and interesting again.

We have our fingers crossed that it's only a matter of time until a Portal game is actually available on some of this new tech.

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